Unrealized capital gains fell by 40.6% in 2022

Investments by insurance companies increased by 3% since the beginning of the year to 216.7 billion dirhams at the end of September. However, unrealized capital gains fell by 40.6% to 19.3 billion dirhams, mainly due to the fall in the stock market and the rise in secondary market interest rates, states the Coordination Committee and the Monitoring of Systemic Risks, composed of representatives of Bank Al -Maghrib, the Moroccan Capital Markets Authority, the Insurance and Social Welfare Supervisory Authority and the Ministry of Finance and the External Finance Department met on 22 December.

In terms of profitability, net profit at the end of June was an improvement of around 11.3% year-on-year.

In terms of solvency, the sector continues to generate an average margin of more than three times the required regulatory minimum.

On a technical level, at the end of the first three quarters of this year, the sector maintained a good growth rate of about 7.7% compared to the same period last year, to reach 42.4 billion dirhams. This development was supported by both the life industry (+9.5%) and the non-life branch (+6.1%).


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