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Unusual cat: Selkirk rex

Selkirk rex is a fairly new breed, created in 1987 in the USA. A cat with a curly coat found in the state of Wyoming was entrusted to a reputable breeder of Persians, who crossed her with them to produce puppies with long hair and curly undercoats, which give this breed an air of small sheep. The breed then had contributions from the Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair and British Shorthair. The name selkirk rex refers to other rexes, all of which have curly fur, and presumably to the Selkirk Mountains, where the breed originated.

The Selkirk rex’s body is rectangular and very muscular. Shoulders and hips are slightly rounded. The boning is strong, but the body lines are soft. The tail, thick at the base, measures about two-thirds of the body. The head is round, rather broad and has rounded contours. The nose is short but broad. The eyes, large and wide open, are rounded. The ears are medium-sized and wide at the base.

There are two varieties of selkirk rex. The short-haired variety has dense ringlets on the throat, neck and belly. The medium to long-haired variety is very curly and has a longer frill. All colors and patterns are accepted within the standard.

Good to know

This cat is considered balanced and relaxed, a trait he owes to the British Shorthair, known for its slime. Sweet, patient and kind, he likes the presence of children, his congeners and other animals, but is more reserved towards strangers. He can be playful, but especially appreciates peace and quiet, as well as the caresses of his family.

This cat is not difficult and can thrive in a house with a garden where it can hunt, as well as in an apartment in the city. The most important thing is to take care of him and not leave him alone for too long, because he does not like to be alone. This new breed seems solid, but is affected by hereditary diseases that you need to be aware of. One brush stroke a week is enough for him, regardless of whether he has short or long hair.

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