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Up to 15% increase for hospice and dental premiums

According to current regulations, the premiums for hospitalization and dental insurance can be indexed annually on the basis of the medical index (MI) or the consumer price index (IPC).

Note that this year the IM is well above the CPI. They constitute the limit that insurance companies can apply. “They are only very slightly affected by the current inflation, it is above all the result of a resumption of medical activity after Covid”, points out Conrad van de Werve, spokesman for Mutualités Libres. But what are the insurance companies planning for 2023?

To individual hospitalization insurance AG Careinforms AG Insurance that it will apply the legal index adjustment, which will result in an increase in premiums of between 9.65% and 15.37%.


Premium increase

In 2023, the increase in the premium for AG Care hospitalization insurance will vary between 9.65% and 15.37%.

Why these different percentages? “On the one hand, the indexation is different according to the age category of the insured”, replies Laurence Gijs, his spokesman. “On the other hand, it concerns health insurance, which is why we use the specific IM.”

In the house of KBC Likewise, the premiums for hospitalization insurance will be indexed according to MI. “For single roomprices will be increased by 13.09% from 1 January 2023 onwards 9.20% for a double room“, says Pieter Kussé, his spokesman.

At the same time is Mutualité Libérale (ML) will index by 9.62% all its insurance products hospitalization. “IM – the dental care guarantee – allows for an index adjustment of up to 28%”, the mutuals warn. “ML has decided to limit the indexing of the product 11% Denta-Plus to reduce our policyholders’ expenses.”

Moderate indexing

Other insurance companies follow a similar logic for 2023. This is the case neutral. “Mindful of the current economic situation affecting everyone’s purchasing power with inflation at its highest level since June 1975, we have chosen to index insurance premiums in a reasonable way, to limit the consequences of their rise”, explains Olivier Dumoulin, its operational director.

“We are aware of the current economic situation and we have decided to index insurance premiums in a reasonable way.”

Olivier Dumoulin

Operations Manager at Neutra

“Thus on 1 January 2023, our hospitalization insurance will only increase by 4%, while the prizes of our dental insurance will be indexed up to 6%.

Same story among Free reciprocity “We have been careful to limit the indexation of premiums to what is strictly necessary, despite the expected impact of inflation on our expenses”, emphasizes Conrad van de Werve.

Therefore, while the common chamber IM amounts to 9.20%, this insurance company will not index Hospitalia insurance premiums. That offHospitalia Medium will only be 1.5% and that offHospitalia Over 4.5% while IM private rooms make up 13.10%. “These remain limited increases in the current context,” he adds.

About the insurance Dentaliaindexing will be limited to 11% (while dental IM is 17.17%). “Since the product has a very broad coverage, we are very exposed inflation in this sector. It is mainly felt at the level of‘ orthodonticswhere is the agreement percentage is low and or cosmetic treatments are on the rise.”

“As a reminder, our insurance products were only up 1.63% over the past two years.”

Bruno Deblander

Solidari’s spokesman

On the side of Christian reciprocityinsurance indexation Hospi +100 and Hospi +200 will be limited to 5.36%. “This indexation corresponds to the CPI from August 2022, but is limited to services, which makes it possible to mitigate the impact of inflation in energy prices in order not to have it affect our policyholders”, explains its spokesman, Manuel Di Pietrantonio.

For Dento+the indexing constitutes 9.94%. Relating to Hospital+the premium will remain at 0 euros for those under 18, while it will increase with 1.10 euros/month for 18 years and over.

Indexing must be defined

Finally, some insurers are not yet able to specify the indexation that will be applied to their contracts in 2023.

“We will determine the escalation rate for 2023 premiums after the November 2022 CPI is released.”

Serge Jacobs

Ethia’s spokesman

This is especially the caseEthias. “Given the difficult context of high inflation that we are experiencing, following a very long health crisis, we will determine the indexation rate for 2023 premiums after the November 2022 CPI is released“, declares Serge Jacobs, its spokesman.

In the house of DKV also the indexation amounts have not yet been determined at this time. “As for the annual contractual increase, it varies between 1.1 and 1.6% for the old hospitalization insurance (which is no longer marketed) and is 1% for current outpatient cost insurance“, concludes the insurance company.



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