US cuts Iraqi losses to IRGC

US cuts Iraqi losses to IRGC

Two armed soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps pose in front of an Iranian flag in Tehran on December 29, 2022. MORTEZA NIKOUBAZL/NurPhoto via AFP

DESCRIPTION – Washington has imposed sanctions on fifteen private Iraqi banks suspected of secretly financing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The information published in the Iraqi press went largely unnoticed. However, it is important in connection with the deterioration of the economic situation in Tehran. “Strong US Sanctions Imminent Against More Than Fifteen Iraqi Private Banks”recently wrote the paper al Mada in Baghdad. They would aim, according to the publication, “establishments associated with political parties and supported by famous personalities”. These banks reportedly smuggle more than $100 million a week to four neighboring countries, including Iran, but also Syria, Jordan and Turkey.

The United States, which for several years had threatened to take such sanctions, is determined to cut off the Iraqi faucet that allowed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which Washington had designated as a terrorist organization, to finance itself from the Iraqi neighbor . where Tehran benefits from an important network of influences. A diplomat…

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