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USA: F-35 pilot ejects from the ground after plane crash

An F-35B fighter pilot ejected from his aircraft after failing to land. The plane crashed to the ground, but the pilot is safe.

More fear than harm. An F-35 fighter jet pilot had a very big scare on Thursday, December 15th. While at the controls of his plane, he was forced to eject from his plane at Fort Worth Air Force Base in Texas.

The accident occurred at the time of landing: the plane suddenly dived when its wheels touched the ground, according to information from the Parisian. Losing control, this US government pilot was forced to eject to avoid a serious accident.

White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook commented on the incident: “We responded to assist Lockheed Martin and the Naval Air Station on a military aircraft crash where the pilot ejected. The pilot is safe and under observation,” he said on Twitter.



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