USA ready for changes or adjustments

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The door is open for IRA changes or adjustments

“I don’t think (the Inflation Reduction Act, IRA) will be watered down,” John Kerry told the BBC. Says at the same time “certain” that Joe Biden “would be ready to think” to “look at where it might be appropriate to make changes or adjustments that are fair without affecting America’s own efforts”.

A plan which the EU considers unacceptable

Faced with the USA’s protectionist text, which greatly favors its car industry, the EU sees red! In early November, the Czech industry minister – whose country holds the rotating EU presidency – said the plan, recently signed by Joe Biden, established “discriminatory” measures for European carmakers and was “unacceptable” for the 27 member states. The European Union has been worried for months about the impact on its economy of the IRA, a $420 billion plan that encourages manufacturers to produce vehicles and batteries for electric cars in the United States.

The European Union is calling for more “coordination” and fears its companies will flee across the Atlantic.

The issue was at the heart of Emmanuel Macron’s recent state visit to Washington.

Source: AFP

To summarize

The United States is open to possible “adjustments” to the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) to reassure Europeans who fear their businesses will flee across the Atlantic, John Kerry told the BBC on Saturday.USA’s special envoy on climate change.
The text, recently published by Joe Biden, plans to subsidize the purchase of electric cars, provided that the vehicles and their battery are produced on American territory.

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