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Value for money analysis of the general conditions of the Mutualist Combatant Retirement (RMC) in Carac

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Combatant’s Mutualist Retreat (Charac)

Good value for money analysis of the general conditions

Version per 30 November 2022

Reference elements

  • Insurance company:
  • Contract type:
  • Contract type:
  • Association that joins the contract:
    • (not relevant because individual contract)
  • Version of the analyzed general conditions:
    • Mutualist A regulation from 2 July 2020
  • Contract Status:
    • Open for new subscriptions
  • Subscription limits:
    • Contract reserved for veterans and war victims
      referred to in article L.22-2 of the Code de la Mutalité


  • Entry fees for payments:
    • Fee for payments: 2.91%
  • Annual management fees for the fund in euros:
    • 0.55% administration fee on the Eurofund

Minimum / maximum payment amount

  • Minimum opening amount:
  • Minimum free deposit amount:
  • Minimum amount for scheduled free payments:
    • Monthly periodicity: €50
    • Quarterly frequency: €50
    • Semi-annual frequency: €50
    • Annual frequency: €50
  • Minimum annual payment amount during the capitalization period:
    • Obligation to pay at least €80 per year during the annuity period
  • The maximum amount of annuity
    • Limitation to 4,500 euros per years of the annuity against remuneration expected to be paid to the member if he is alive on the date of enjoyment of the said annuity
    • As soon as this amount is reached, the member can no longer make a payment.

Funds in euros

  • Rate history shown(deducting fees and gross social contributions):
    • 2021: 2.00%
    • 2020: 2.20%
    • 2019: 2.40%
    • 2018: 2.00%
    • 2017: 2.10%
    • 2016: 2.45%
    • 2015: 2.90%

Minimum duration of payments

  • Member under the age of 51 when registering: Ten years
  • Member aged 51 at the time of registration: 9 years
  • Member aged 52 on admission: 8 years
  • Member aged 53 at the time of registration: 7 years
  • Member aged 54 at the time of registration: 6 years
  • Member aged 55 at registration: 5 years
  • Member aged 56 and over when registering: 4 years

Membership options

  • “Reserved” capital payment
    • In this option, in the event of the member’s death and regardless of the date, capital is paid to the designated recipient(s). by the member.
    • This capital isat least 70% of the paid-in amounts in “reserved” capital excluding fees.
  • Capital payment “alienated”
    • In this option, in the event of the member’s death, no amount is paid out for all.
    • However, the acquired annuity by payments into “alienated” capital is higher than “reserved” capital at identical rates.
  • Switch from one payment method to another
    • Option for the member to switch from alienated state to reserved state at all times knowing it only the new payments will then be integrated into the reserved state.
    • Option for the member to switch from reserved mode to insane mode Anytime.

Annuity service

  • Current mortality table
    • Calculation of the acquired annuity amount installment for installment based on mortality table and the technical rate applicable on the date of each payment.
  • Expenses for annuity arrears

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