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Vélizy: teenage cat statue thieves found thanks to the photo of a passerby

The young thieves were identified by the police because a passer-by had taken their picture a few hours before in the streets of Versailles (Yvelines). (© Courrier de la Mayenne)

14 and 16 years. This is the age of the two arrested apprentice burglars Tuesday 22 November 2022 by the police, in Vélizy. Their early career does not look very promising. On the contrary. Seeing their first misdeed, a life of the bar on a chair takes shape for them, like Nickel plated feetrather than a romantic destiny worthy of Arsène Lupine.

After being put to flight by the owner of the pavilion visited, they were actually found without difficulty, because they had been noticed a few hours before in a neighboring town. In addition, they were still in possession of their loot, which has no value, except perhaps sentimentally to its owner. Errors all along the line.

Early in the afternoon that day, the two boys who live in 19e Parisian arrondissement, hung out on the side of the avenue de Paris, Versailles. A passer-by sees them inspecting the interior of a home. A suspicious attitude. So he discreetly takes a picture of them and sends the picture to the police.

Thrown away by landlord

This very contemporary reflex becomes crucial in the rest of the story. Around 4 p.m., a resident was in Velizy calls “17” after putting two burglars who entered his home to flight. Police officers, in possession of the snapshot taken in Versailles a few hours earlier, combed the area. At Chaville/Vélizy station, they recognize the two teenagers. And of course check them.

They discover about themselves cat figurines. Jewelery worth three cents, stolen from the pavilion at Vélizy.

In police custody they confessed. The oldest came out with one summons to court. His accomplice was brought before Paris public prosecutor’s office to be brought to justice.

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