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Venezuela is ‘absolutely ready’ to reconnect with the US, says President Maduro

“Venezuela is ready, absolutely ready, to move toward a normalization process of diplomatic, consular, political relations with this government of the United States and with those who may come next.”said President Nicolas Maduro during an interview with French journalist Ignacio Ramonet, broadcast by Venezuelan public television on Sunday 1eh January.

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The Venezuelan government had broken with the United States in 2019, the year Donald Trump’s administration had recognized the opponent Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela. In an attempt to remove President Maduro from power, Washington had enacted a series of sanctions against Caracas, including an embargo on Venezuelan oil.

Even if the current US president, Joe Biden, continues to not formally recognize Nicolas Maduro as president of Venezuela, and considers the latter’s election in 2018 fraudulent, the oil crisis caused by the war in Ukraine has led to a warming of relations.

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Easing of US sanctions.

The White House sent envoys to Caracas in 2022. It eased sanctions on Venezuela after a breakthrough in power-opposition talks, notably allowing oil giant Chevron to operate in the Latin American country for the next six months.

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“We are ready for dialogues at the highest level, for relations of respect, and I hope that a ray of light will reach this United States of North America, so that they turn the page, let this extremist policy be set aside and arrive at more pragmatic policies towards Venezuela”Mr. Maduro said.

The Venezuelan president felt that too “It goes well” with the European Union, and that a “ongoing dialogue” takes place with the head of diplomacy of the Twenty Seven, Josep Borrell.

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