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Verneuil-sur-Avre. Attacked by a dog in front of her house at night

The woman could not see the dog at night ©Photo d’illustration Adobe stock.

The attack only lasted a few seconds, but she’s not ready to forget it. Saturday 22 October 2022shortly before 11 p.m., a 49-year-old woman left her job in the restaurant business to return to her home on rue du Moulin aux Malades in Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure).

As usual, she pulls her car into her garage, gets out when she suddenly feels something. [lui] fall on it”.

It was dark

“I couldn’t see anything (even though the public lighting hadn’t been turned off yet at that time, ed. note), because it’s always dark in front of my house at night. But when I heard a growl, I understood that it was a dog that jumped on me, quite big, since I fell to the ground,” says the woman.

She feels the passage of a paw on her face, struggles to try to free herself and manages to push the mastiff away with a good kick.

“I then got up to close the barrier of my courtyard without wasting time. Fortunately, because the dog came back to me before he was stopped by the gate that he wrote in before he left. I had it raised so my little dog couldn’t run away, so I did well because it stopped the mastiff from crossing my barrier,” she sighs.

Assessment of the attack, a big scare and a wound on his slightly swollen right cheekbone. “I was still lucky, it wasn’t too serious, I was able to pamper myself and disinfect myself,” she relativizes.

The worst avoided

Apart from the two centimeters taller, it is his eye that could have been affected! “Then if I hadn’t been able to push him away, or if he had been a child or a vulnerable person in my place, what would have happened?” she asks herself.

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After alerting the municipal police about her accident, the woman also sends a warning. “Let people be careful when they go home, especially at night, because this is not the first time I have seen stray dogs in my neighborhood.”

And it must be remembered that it is forbidden to let your dog roam on the public highway without a leash. The champions therefore incur a fine. On good terms…

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