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Vets urge vigilance after new case of parvovirus nearly kills puppy

L’Express returned on November 28 last year to Calvary by Bluea young Dobermann 10 weeks old whose life almost ended much earlier than expected. The poor puppy was infected with canine parvovirus and his condition was so serious that the vets were prepared for the worst…

A virulent and contagious disease

It all started with vomiting and diarrhea. Danielle at first thought it was a mild stomach problem, like indigestion, but over the hours the puppy’s condition continued to worsen. She decided to take him to the vetArmac Vetsin Manchester when she found it Blue was losing blood.

Armac Vets

that Dobermann tested positive for parvovirus: a contagious viral disease transmitted mainly through dog feces. Danielle don’t know how his pup caught it: he only goes out in his yard, but he’s only had one dose of vaccination so far.

Unvaccinated (or not fully) dogs are more likely to contract the disease. Furthermore, puppies remain quite fragile until the sixteenth week of their life (especially since from the eighth week they are no longer protected by their mother’s milk).

Illustration of the article: Vets call for vigilance after new case of parvovirus that almost claimed the life of a puppy

Armac Vets

But the woman doesn’t have time to doubt for too long. She needs to go home, let the vets do everything they can to save Blueand ensure that his second Dobermann, Thorwas not infected with the same virus.

A critical health condition

In the next 24 hours, Blue received numerous treatments including antibiotics, pain medication and blood transfusions. The vets also placed a tube to feed and hydrate him, things he had become unable to do on his own.

Despite all these efforts, the poor pup’s health deteriorated once again, to such an extent that the zoo keepers told Danielle to prepare to say goodbye. ” The vets asked me if I wanted them to resuscitate him if he went into cardiac arrest. I was in shock she confided.

In addition to having to face an excruciating wait, Danielle could not get to the bed Bluebecause she had to see it Thor, his other dog, did not develop the same symptoms. ” I could have lost them both. This period was a real emotional lift for me. »

So finally relief

Unexpectedly the next morning, Danielle learned the most encouraging news: her puppy, Blue, had regained the beast’s hair! All the care he had received finally seemed to pay off and 7 days later he was on his way home with his 4 legged best friend, Thor.

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This event was an opportunity for vetsArmac Vets, to once again make dog owners aware of the seriousness of a parvovirus infection. They urge them to make sure their pets’ vaccinations are up to date so they never face the dire consequences this disease is likely to have.




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