Video of this puppy enjoying his first flight in a window seat will brighten your day

How great that today dogs, cats or any other type of pet can accompany you on a flight wherever you are going, it was time to realize that animals are part of the family and should not be discriminated against when boarding a plane. Some airlines are even more complicated when it comes to big dogs, but over the years more and more progress is made and the airlines become more and more lenient.

Normally, animals under eight kilograms must travel in the cabin with their owners for the duration of the flight. On the other hand, large dogs exceeding this weight generally travel in a pressure cabin in the lower cargo hold, unless a special document is presented, either by a dependency certificate, either because it is a special service dogwho is allowed to travel with his master.

Weighing less than eight pounds, the adorable pup in this story, named Louie, traveled with his handlers in a window seat and enjoyed the entire ride keeping his eyes on the heavy clouds he saw passing by. For a puppy it must have been an unforgettable experience. He probably didn’t understand what was going on, but he certainly enjoyed traveling with his dreams.

A puppy enjoys the flight with his masters and looks out the window.


It should be clarified that if a pet is traveling with its owner on a flight, it is not allowed to leave its transport case on the underside of the seat, but her owner Amanda took the risk and decided to place him on your lap so he can also enjoy the view from the window. None of the flight crew or passengers complained about this situation and let the animal have fun like everyone else.

The puppy behaved wonderfully throughout the flight, he is an excellent example to follow. In fact, dogs are sometimes better behaved than some children. Fortunately, the dog’s owner said they were at the front of the plane and few people saw Louie enjoying the view. Although many people accept dogs, they did not want to have any complications.

The flight attendants adored the dog and did not hesitate to give him hugs, they found the dog too adorable and irresistible, and if he did not cause any discomfort, there would be no problem if he stayed on his knees from Amanda for the rest of the flight and enjoying the view. In the video she took, it was sunrise and it was really beautiful.


Another thing Amanda said was that the person sitting next to her on the plane didn’t notice the puppy at first because he was super tired and acting wonderful. When she saw him, she was surprised, but she thought it was super cute and had no problems that Louie stays out of the cage.

After making the trip and spending several months with his family, Louie is enjoying his new home with his older brother Leo, who is also a golden retriever. The two live together in Amanda’s new house, where they are currently getting used to this new place. Luckily, both dogs are super happy and adorable and go for long walks with their handlers every time they go to the park.

Any animal lover would definitely like to have the same flying companion as Amanda enjoy the view from porthole. It was indeed a very moving journey.

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