Volvo Trucks is expanding its insurance products

In addition to financial loss insurance and coverage of damages in all accidents, the selection of insurances for Volvo Trucks’ customers is enriched with two new guarantees : i’comprehensive insurance and loaner insurance, in collaboration with recognized insurance companies. On the one hand, all-risk truck insurance includes Traffic civil liability, mandatory to compensate damages caused to third parties, a vehicle in the event of an accident with a third party or not, in case of theft by fire or natural events. Volvo Financial Services offers to buy this insurance per along with its financing. In return, the borrower’s insurance covers all or part of the remaining financing due in the event that a covered event occurs. The program thus covers the consequences of death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, total disability and work stoppage following one of these cases. That the guarantee then protects the company and the family. It also ensures a key employee for the company. Borrower insurance promises a fixed interest rate for the duration of the financing regardless of the insured’s age.

The insurance services are created in consultation between the manufacturer and its customers, to meet their needs and expectations. They are negotiated at a single rate for all light vehicles and another for all trucks, regardless of the value of the vehicle, with no choice at entry, and all activities are accepted at the same rate.

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