Waitress fed a homeless man without knowing that it was a control of the management of the restaurant


Unfortunately, with inflation and the rising cost of living, there are more and more homeless people. Each of us encounters them every day on the street corner, and we are all mixed between several emotions, such as sadness and fear. In any case, many people are afraid, embarrassed and take a negative attitude towards the homeless. Most of the time we ignore them and move on. But what happens when one of them walks into a restaurant and settles down? One thing is certain, in the story that we will tell you in this article, appearances can deceive …

A homeless person goes to the restaurant, the director of the establishment does not appreciate this visitor at all…


In any case, the story of this homeless person in the restaurant will certainly serve as a lesson for the director of the establishment. In fact, the scene takes place in the popular cafe in a small town. This is always very lively and receives very different types of customers. It could be, for example, families with children, employees who come for a lunch break or simply groups of friends enjoying themselves. So when the homeless man arrives at the restaurant, he will definitely be noticed right away… He is not washed or shaved and his clothes are worn out…

A homeless man who embarrassed the restaurant manager

When the homeless enter the café-restaurant, it is certain that his appearance is very different from all the other customers. All eyes are on him and his unkempt appearance. The man calls the waiter, but no one comes to his service. It is ignored, as most people do on the street. After a while, Marina, one of the waitresses at the establishment, sees him. She decides to come closer to his table to take his order as if he were just another customer. She runs and she didn’t expect to get the remark that will follow…


When her order is finished, the waitress moves away from the homeless table and her boss falls on her. The restaurant manager lectures her and tells her that she shouldn’t have gone to serve him. He adds that if the homeless person does not pay his bill, it will be deducted from his salary. But Marina had a nice surprise. Granted, he looked like a homeless man, but he paid for his order and even tipped the girl.

A trap to control the establishment

In reality, the SDF was no less. It was a check from the true owner of the restaurant. In fact, he wanted to know if customers were being welcomed and served as they should be. So the owner got help from one of his friends by asking him to embody a homeless person with the appropriate outfit. Which his friend agreed to do.


Thus, the manager of the restaurant that had been set on fire has been fired, and he is definitely looking for a new job in the restaurant business. As for Marina, she had a great promotion and in an express and unexpected way. In fact, she took her former manager’s place and took over the restaurant. As a result, she transmits great values ​​within the team. The moral of this story is that habit does not make the monk…


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