Wakanda Forever Funko Pops feature characters ready for war

With November just around the corner, Marvel fans are ready for the next blockbuster entry in the MCU. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The sequel to the 2018 Oscar-nominated superhero epic just had its world premiere, and now Funko has announced new Pops teasing the coming war for Wakanda.

Seven new Pops have been added to theirs wakanda forever line. The first pop sees the mysterious new Black Panther in full costume. This is arguably the best look we’ve gotten of the new costume. Gold and silver accents stand out well against the black bodysuit. It’s a design very similar to Killmonger’s Black Panther armor at the end of the first film. The next two Funkos are Okoye and Aneka in their new Midnight Angel armor. In the comics, this group was an elite task force and part of the Dora Milaje. These vibrant blue suits look to help take the underwater battle against Namor.

The following three Funkos are all from Shuri. There’s one of Shuri in a white hoodie doing the “Wakanda Forever” pose, and one that sees her in a purple costume. This latest design features an exclusive Box Lunch diamond edition. These two Shuris also come in the keychain with M’Baku. There will also be another exclusive Diamond Edition Box Lunch variant with Shuri’s purple costume key ring. But the star of the show here is Namor on a killer whale. One of the most exciting things about this sequel is that it introduces one of Marvel’s oldest characters, Namor, to the MCU. From the trailers, this confirmed mutant is serious, and Orca looks ready for war.

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There is so much anticipation around wakanda foreverespecially since this will be the first Black Panther story in the MCU since the star Chadwick Bosemantragic death in 2020. Everyone wants to know who the Black Panther will be and how Wakanda will mourn the death of its king. It will be the story of a community coming together in the darkest of times to find the strength to honor and carry on the legacy of Black Panther. It won’t be easy with Namor having a beef with the surface world, especially Wakanda. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the director does it Ryan Cooler balancing all these different and emotional stories.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever finally hits theaters on November 11. While we wait, check out the new additions to Funko’s Black Panther lineup on their website. The trailer for wakanda forever can be seen below.

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