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Warriors ready to sacrifice their youth for an “Average+” player? –

We’re not giving you a chart of the start of the season for our friends the Warriors, we’re just reminding you that the bench is broken on the ground, that the defense is still on vacation, and that it lacks intensity. It’s pretty good there’s a free agent who checks off most of those boxes: a certain Jae Crowder.

After many weeks without stepping on the smallest floor, the unemployed Jae Crowder might have finally found a home, and not the worst one in the area. Although the hairy 32-year-old winger is receiving headlights calls from several pretty sweet franchises (Bucks, Heat, Hawks), it’s the Warriors who will soon be able to afford Crowder’s services. The only point that blocks a bit? The Suns don’t want to let go without receiving an interesting consideration. From then on, only one option was offered to Curry’s pack: send the youngsters to Arizona.

A risky choice

If the Warriors play this card, it’s clearly an all-in that leaves only back-to-back in sight. Letting go of James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody (who is rowing a lot at the moment) to regain a serious veteran who hasn’t played all season, you have to like the risk.



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