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“We are ready for peace, for peace throughout our country,” says Volodymyr Zelensky on a visit to Kherson

Kherson belongs to Russia, says Moscow after Volodymyr Zelensky’s arrival

Reacting to President Volodymyr Zelensky’s arrival in Kherson days after the withdrawal of Russian forces, the Kremlin on Monday confirmed that this southern Ukrainian city belonged to Russia. “We will not comment, you know very well that this is the territory of the Russian Federation”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Russian forces last week withdrew from this city, the capital of the Kherson region, which Moscow claims should be annexed.

Russia denies Sergei Lavrov hospitalization

Russia on Monday denied, with video support, rumors of the hospitalization of its foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, upon his arrival at the G20 in Bali, Indonesia. “It’s ‘fake’ of the highest order”, lamented on Telegram the spokesman of the minister, Maria Zakharova, after the dissemination of information about the hospitalization of the head of Russian diplomacy. She then published a video of the minister, sitting in shorts on a terrace, in which he dismisses rumors about his health and advises Western journalists to“write the truth more often”.

Earlier in the morning, the Associated Press (AP) news agency reported on this hospitalization, citing Indonesian officials. Based on two sources, the AP had specified that the head of Russian diplomacy had been taken care of due to heart problems.

The situation on the ground in Ukraine

In the liberated Kherson, the time comes to list the missing and deported in the Russian occupation zone, before the Ukrainian forces recapture the city.

The grave of a 30-year-old Ukrainian soldier who died on the second day of the Russian invasion, in Kherson, November 13, 2022.

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Volodymyr Zelensky visited the city of Kherson, recovered from the Russians

The Ukrainian president visited Kherson on Monday, a key city in the south of the country that was retaken from the Russians last week, according to a source within the Ukrainian presidency. Russian forces had withdrawn a few days earlier from Kherson after eight months of occupation, leaving the way open for Ukrainian soldiers to enter the city on Friday.

“We’re moving forward”launched Volodymyr Zelensky to the Ukrainian soldiers to whom he addressed. “We are ready for peace, for peace throughout our country”he added before thanking the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for its support.

Mr. Zelensky strolled through the city’s streets in military-style attire, surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards, but without wearing a helmet or body armor himself, according to videos posted on social media. “Glory to Ukraine! »shouted residents from the balcony of a building. “Glory to the heroes!”answered in accordance with tradition the head of state and those who accompanied him.

How is the situation on the ground in Kherson?

Beatings, harassment and mock executions: In a prison in Kherson, the Russian forces had set up a torture center.

In the report by Rémy Ourdan, our special correspondent in Kherson, residents testify to the mistreatment inflicted by the occupation forces on their Ukrainian prisoners.

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After its victory in Kherson, Kiev is looking at Crimea

The report from our journalist Emmanuel Grynszpan describes how the situation is gradually improving in the Kherson region. Initial fears of a Russian trap designed to lure Ukrainian troops into deadly urban fighting in the city of Kherson came to nothing. Kiev even regained control over the entire 4,500 square kilometers occupied by Russia on the right bank of the Dnieper. The Ukrainians win a victory with beautiful parameters, first of all the absence of civilian bloodshed. They are now looking at Crimea.

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What you need to know this Monday, November 14, the 264th day of the war

  • “Four hundred documented war crimes”according to Zelensky. The Ukrainian president declared on Sunday, November 13, that “the bodies of the slain [qui] found in the liberated region are both civilian and soldier’s.” He also announced that 400 “war crimes” Russians had been documented by the Ukrainian state without specifying whether they relate only to the Kherson region.
  • Most homes in the liberated city of Kherson were still without electricity and water on Sunday, regional officials said, two days after the city was recaptured. The governor of the region, Yaroslav Yanushevich, announced that the authorities had decided to maintain a curfew from “The enemy has mined all critical infrastructure”he warned.
  • Ukrainian police returned to Kherson on Saturday after Russian troops withdrew on Fridayas part of the state’s swift but cautious efforts to restore services to the southern Ukrainian city.
  • Scenes of jubilation among the population are visible there, after eight months of Russian occupation, which left the city in a fragile situation.. Autographs and hugs with their star soldiers, car horns, yellow and blue flags everywhere.
  • “The residents have destroyed all essential infrastructure”explained Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday, adding that 2,000 explosive devices had been neutralized since the effective recapture of the city on Friday.
  • Shelling in the town of Hornostayivkaoccupied by the Russian army on the eastern bank of the Dnipro river, in the oblast of Kherson, on Saturday caused the death of two women, reported on Telegram the governor of the oblast, Yaroslav Yanushevich, who explains that Grad rocket launchers were used.
  • The Ukrainian General Staff reported on Saturday that intense fighting continued in Donetsk Oblast, in eastern Ukraine, especially near Bakhmout, Avdiïvka and Novopavlivka, provoking numerous Russian airstrikes and bombardments. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said there was “extremely brutal fighting every day”. “It’s just hell out there”he described.
  • “Ending Russia’s war is a moral imperative and simply the best thing for the global economy”, said US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting with her French counterpart, Bruno Le Maire. Moscow has urged the G20, which brings together the world’s largest economies, to focus on economic and financial issues rather than political and security issues.

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