“We turn real estate agents into insurance companies”, Jérôme Robin

Jérôme Robin, president of Nousassurons, a network of insurance brokers dedicated to professionals, is a guest on Mon Podcast Immo. At the microphone of Ariane Artinian, he calls for the launch of a property insurance package that allows property managers and condominium managers to offer a wide range of guarantees to their property owner clients, whether they need to insure their main residence, a rental property or works. Selected excerpts.

My Realty Podcast: Who is your new offer aimed at?

Jerome Robin: This is particularly true of property managers and co-ownership managers. This is a fully digitized subscription offer that guarantees unpaid rent, non-occupant property, multi-risk housing, damage to works.

Mon Podcast Immo: Why this offer focused on real estate?

Jerome Robin: Firstly, it is a return to a sector that I know since I was behind the creation of Vousfinancer.com. Then, noticing that the insurance market eluded property managers and condominium managers – with the exception of large groups like Foncia that have practiced insurance for a long time – we envisioned building an easy, accessible, turnkey delivery for these professionals.

Mon Podcast Immo: What criteria should you consider before choosing an insurance provider and how much does it cost?

Jerome Robin: For us, the idea is to manufacture products, to make the comparison in advance and therefore to give our distributors an offer that is already pre-selected.
Our formula, digital, is very simple to administer. Above all, it is very competitive in terms of price. The subscription costs 190 euros including VAT per month. The idea is to have continuity of service in the relationship with the customer and to save time for the management teams.

Mon Podcast Immo: In fact, your package allows real estate agents to subscribe to insurance products for their clients…

Jerome Robin: That is completely correct. We help real estate professionals set up brokerage companies alongside their activity as property managers. We support them in this process both through training, registration with Orias, opening of codes with companies, as well as daily in the insurance of simple and non-standard risks.

Mon Podcast Immo: How many lots are needed to amortize the subscription?

Jerome Robin: We can say that the subscription is written off from 300 lots. For the gains, it is according to the volume, its equipment speed and its development. A new market share will arise with energy renovation of owner-occupied flats, where it will be necessary to plan major works that must be covered by works. A question that we anticipated with Axa, with a very competitive program that can be subscribed to in 10 minutes. It is a very differentiating product that facilitates, creates value for an activity that real estate agents have subcontracted until now.

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