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“We will be ready, parking and transport available for supporters” » La TV en Direct

“Florentin’s withdrawal from Viola Park? We are very happy, this will show the role of added value that the Viola Park reality will play for Bagno a Ripoli and for the Florentine region.”: the mayor cheers Francesco casinofor the occasion he must have Bathroom in Ripoli to be the star for Viola fans and not just on their own turf. Bagno a Ripoli was destined to enter football parlance like Trigoria for Roma or Milanello for Milan.

“There will be many fans who will arrive from Florence, but also from Tuscany and outside the region – added Casini -. They will use our services, bars, restaurants, accommodation and benefit from the many commercial activities in the region. Some professional associations have already organized initiatives with companies in partnership with Fiorentina. We must be ready, create new offers and guarantee important needs such as parking, which we are working on and which will certainly not be a problem”.

Yes, the relay parking with about 350 spaces to be built at the tram terminal right next to the Fiorentina sports center. Work may begin in the spring (land expropriations have not yet been completed), but it is unlikely to be completed by the start of Fiorentina’s withdrawal. “We are going to proceed in batches so that we can still use part of it – said the mayor – But we also have a plan B ready: We have designated areas that can be used as temporary parking for fans who want to follow the team at Viola Park”.

What about transportation? Currently, there are no bus lines that pass in front of the sports center. “We will talk with Autolinee Toscane and with the Metropolitan City – assures the mayor – to study the rerouting of certain lines, such as 23, towards Viola Park during the withdrawal of Fiorentina. However, there is a stop in front of Volta Gobetti, via Roma, and from there a pleasant pedestrian path of about 500 meters leads to via Granacci, opposite Viola Park. We will have to worry about creating a safe pedestrian crossing via Pian di Ripoli”.

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From Bergamo they announce: “Gollini will return to Atalanta in January. He did not play as he wanted. »



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