“We will stage the family…”: a season 2 for Wednesday? The creators are ready

A week after it went online, the series Wednesday is already a real success on Netflix, as evidenced by its position in the Top 10 of the most watched programs. And if Season 1 worn by Jenna Ortega disagrees and finds himself at the center of compliments as much as criticism (he is notably accused of moving away from The Addams Family and too similar Sabrina’s Exciting Adventures), many still see potential in it and therefore hope for a season 2.

Another season 2 Wednesday ?

So can we expect such a sequel? If a renewal would seem logical in the light of this beautiful card, know that nothing has yet been decided and the platform has still not officially communicated its wishes. On the other hand, what we already know is that the creative team obviously intends to continue the story of this heroine like no other.

It feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of this universe with these characters and the actors are so amazing in their roles.“, Miles Millar (creator) confided to TVLine. Then he clarified that the heroine of Jenna Ortega is still far from its complete development and has some assets to continue to surprise and fascinate us.

The series really focuses on this girl who sees the world in black and white and gradually learns that there are shades of gray there.he revealed. I think like in any relationship or friendship, everything can get complicated depending on different factors. Nothing will ever be easy. And it’s interesting to watch her learn to navigate the ups and downs of a friendship.“.

The Addams Family present in the new episodes?

What should be understood (and feared) that this potential season 2 should therefore be in line with the first episodes and that we will unfortunately remain too far from the universe of The Addams Family ? Maybe not. Miles Millar, visibly aware of the lack felt by the fans, seems ready to open the door a little more for those close on Wednesday.

After calling back, “The show is called Wednesday, so we really want to focus our show on that.“, the showrunner quickly clarified,”We would definitely like to be able to stage the family, as we have already been able to do a little in a few episodes this year“Our fingers and the thing’s fingers are crossed!

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