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We will taste full board in Nantes

Sarah Mainguy

Chef at the restaurant Vacarme

Finalist in the Top Chef 2021 show, she and her companion Damien Crémois opened the Vacarme restaurant in 2019 in Nantes. She quickly came into contact with the various Nantes networks, producers and artisans, but also cultural and artistic. Vacarme has established itself as a food cellar offering popular cuisine, inspired by the bistro, grandmother’s recipes and street food.

Sarah Mainguy
Sarah Mainguy

– Paul Stefanaggi

yourrestaurant by Sarah Mainguy and Damien Cremois
5 rue des bons français
44000 Nantes
Tel.: 09 87 34 18 82

Vaarme restaurant website

The Instagram account for the restaurant Vacarme

Vacarme restaurant Facebook page

Sarah Mainguy’s Instagram account

Sarah Mainguy’s recipes

Alice Menard

Gardener in Saint Julien de Concelles

Daughter of a “traditional” gardener who grows lamb’s lettuce on a large scale in the commune of Saint Julien de Concelles, Alice took to horticulture the game (after more general studies), but rethinking it in the manner of Olivier Durand with whom she worked for several seasons. Dad’s huge greenhouse has thus been transformed into a vegetable jungle, where cherry tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines or squash grow, but also ginger, peppers, peanuts and edible or ornamental flowers.

Alice Ménard’s Instagram account

Alice Menard
Alice Menard

– Pauline Theon

Richard Baussay

Culinary promotion for Le voyage à Nantes

This former musical programmer of Lieu Unique has always been passionate about gastronomy since his childhood. He is one of the artisans of the guide “Les tables de Nantes”, which highlights restaurants and wine bars not to be missed in Nantes and the surrounding area.

The online guide Les Tables de Nantes

Richard Baussay
Richard Baussay

– Christophe Bornet of Kristo

The winter journey

For the first time and on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Le Voyage à Nantes offers Le Voyage en hiver from November 24, 2022 to January 1, 2023. The program is based on proposals around three main axes: the creation of unpublished plastic works to discover the city, a musical program, Nantes gastronomy. More information regarding The winter journey


On this occasion, a digital advent calendar with recipes was made. Every morning from December 1 to 24, a chef from the current selection of the Les Tables de Nantes guide delivers his version of beurre blanc. More information


At night I see, Vincent Olinet, Le Voyage en hiver 2022, Le Voyage à Nantes © Martin Argyroglo
At night I see, Vincent Olinet, Le Voyage en hiver 2022, Le Voyage à Nantes © Martin Argyroglo

– Martin Argyroglo

The chronicle of Elvira Masson

Nantes, a committed culinary scene in a few examples

What to read and listen to

Dominique Hutin’s wine chronicle

Dominique Hutin dedicates a wine notebook to the wines of the Nantes region

What to read and listen to

The music program

  • Dominique A and Francoiz Breut – The twenty-second bar
  • GUTS feat. David Walters and Brenda Navarrete – Por qué or ka fè sa



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