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Weassure Launches New Complete Digital Property Insurance Subscription Tool

On the occasion of Salon Rent, organized on November 8 and 9, Nousassurons, an insurance marketplace and network of brokers with 80 affiliates, will unveil its new range of services dedicated to real estate agents, property managers and administrators. The goal? Allow them to diversify while completing their offering to their customers.

Dubbed the Realty Pack, this new offering comes in the form of a property insurance package that allows estate agents to access a wide range of insurance for their property owner clients, whether they need to insure their main residence, a rental property or works. “To build this offer, we have simplified the membership so that real estate agents can sign contracts as a broker via our tool”, explains Jérôme Robin, president of Nousassures.

A complete property insurance offer

Thanks to this full digital real estate package, real estate agents will be able to cover all risks related to the purchase, ownership, rental and renovation of real estate. Via this application, they will be able to offer their customers a subscription to multi-risk housing (MRH), multi-risk building (MRI), non-resident owner insurance (PNO), unpaid rent guarantee (GLI), construction damage guarantee (DO), without to forget about loaner’s insurance.

Another key benefit, this fully digital title insurance subscription tool allows realtors to have complete control over their clients’ risk management. ” Instead of insisting on asking tenants for proof of insurance, from the moment he is also a broker, he removes the often time-consuming and non-value-added follow-up time “, emphasizes Jérôme Robin. And David Gillet, director of development for We assur, to add: “With this complete offer, we cover all real estate agents’ customer profiles and we allow them to propose a tailored offer that covers all the risks associated with their status. It is a lever for customer satisfaction, but also for diversification for professionals, who will have easy access to a value-creating activity that they have subcontracted until now. »

An official launch at Rent

Already tested since the start of the school year with a few real estate agents, Immo Pack will be officially launched at Salon Lejen, with demonstrations of the tool and the option to subscribe to the solution on site for 190 euros per month. Membership allows estate agents to create their own insurance portfolio, but also to benefit from a Qualiopi certified training program supported under the CPF to become an agent. We are convinced of the development potential of this activity. With more than 30,000 real estate agents in France and more than a million transactions per year, the property insurance market is significant… A market whose property managers are still foreigners, even if it is strategic to retain their clients », concludes Jérôme Robin.

Find the teams of Noussurants at stand F59, November 8 and 9, Pavilion 6, Parc des Expositions.

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