Weinstein trial in Los Angeles: his lawyer denounces “medieval” detention conditions

According to him, his client was held in a cell on Monday “unsanitary” where he was left alone for “three to four hours” in his wheelchair, without access to the toilets, before being escorted back to the prison where he is imprisoned. “I’m not minimizing. But I’m just not sure there’s much to do“, retorted the magistrate to him. She however assured that she would speak to the agents in charge of the detention of the producer during the trial.

After a first sentence of 23 years in prison in the spring of 2020 in New York, Harvey Weinstein is again on trial for charges of rape and sexual assault on five women. Among them is the director Jennifer Siebel Newsom who is none other than the wife of the current governor of California Gavin Newsom, one of the main outsiders of the Democratic Party.


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