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‘We’re done’: this Riviera sanctuary for dogs and cats faces a ‘catastrophic’ situation

“JI just had a gentleman on the phone. Her daughter had a puppy two months ago. He is not neutered, not vaccinated, not identified. She just found work and she leaves him on the balcony. So he calls to let us…”

Calls of this nature, Catherine Conti, president of the Jean-Duflos refuge since 2004, has “all day”. A situation she describes as “disastrous since the beginning of the year. But it’s getting worse and worse, it’s not summer yet. We’re full, we have an overloaded abandonment list. We can’t do anything but take people’s contact information, make them wait or redirect them elsewhere.”

All shelters full

Elsewhere, yes, but where? All shelters seem to be hard hit by this situation. “Everyone is full, it’s a disaster, sorry Catherine Conti. Yesterday we had a gentleman who wanted to leave a Doberman, but I have nowhere. So we contacted several shelters by phone… all full. Only Spaca in Vence was willing to take it, but it was limited…”

A completely worrying situation for this time of year. Usually it is during the summer holidays that indulgences abound. Not before.

Dropouts up, donations down

“We had also given up confinement at one point, but that’s over.” Now many are talking about inflation. “But inflation, we have it too: 25 to 30% increase in veterinary costs and feed.”

And if abandonments increase, donations are unfortunately on the way down… So in order to fill up the coffers and make the shelter known to as many people as possible, the establishment is opening its doors this Sunday. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., volunteers, employees and animals await visitors at 1,770 chemin des Terriers. Garage sale, plant sale and crepes and drink stand will brighten the day.

Arrival of kittens

The shelter does not seek food donations – “for the croquettes, we have a collaboration with Royal canin, because some dogs have special croquettes” – but above all needs financial donations. Especially to pay the animals’ medical expenses.

There are currently 30 dogs at the shelter and 60 cats, some of which are semi-feral. But arrivals are expected soon. “One person called me to give up kittens. She didn’t want to spay her animal, and now individuals can no longer give up kittens without first identifying them, at their expense, so…”

Open house at the Jean-Duflos refuge, Sunday 4 June from 10am to 6pm, 1770 chemin des Terriers, in Antibes.

It is also open every day from 14:00 to 17:00. Information on tel. or on the Facebook page: Refuge Jean Duflos.



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