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“We’re not ready at all”

The government has two months to introduce the obligation for technical inspection of motorized two-wheeled vehicles. Surprised, motorcyclists and professionals consider this period too short and the measure too restrictive.

The owners of two wheels will have to accelerate to keep up with the maintenance of their vehicle. On Thursday 1 June, the State Council granted the request of several associations. They asked for the application of the European law on technical control.

I have a recent motorcycle, I have no worries. But you still have to pay…

The implementation within two months of this commitment is causing people to shudder in the Bordeaux metropolis, where motorbikes and scooters are preferred to avoid traffic jams. Many experience it as an attack on the wallet…

In the workshop of Clément Brouzes, the president of the Moto Club de Bordeaux, an observation: cyclists know how to pamper their vehicle:

The user of the motorcycle does not need a legal text to become aware of the need to take care of his vehicle and be as fair as possible to ensure his safety.

Clement Brouzes

Chairman of the Moto Club of Bordeaux

Of 715 fatal accidents involving two-wheeled riders in 2022, only 1% was due to poor maintenance.

In 2021, the government had postponed the implementation of the technical control of two wheels. Thus, the vast majority of car control centers have not foreseen its return at all:

I don’t know anything about motorcycles. I don’t want to see myself driving a two-wheeler knowing that I have no diploma in this subject. It is quite crazy to think that in two months we will have to do technical checks when we are not ready at all.

Sebastien Camus

Head of automotive technical control center

The Minister of Transport’s delegate, Clément Beaune, confirms that the government will use “of course, the decision of the Government“. The schedule and methods of application must be specified”in the next few days“.

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The government must enforce the obligation to carry out roadworthiness tests for two-wheeled vehicles.

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