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CDM 2022, Brésil, Marquinhos : « On est prêts à tout affronter »

Marquinhos is better physically

In recent weeks, Marquinhos has gone through a period of less good. After the sequence of matches, the Brazilian saw his body warning him and his thigh preventing him from playing at his highest level. As a result, he could benefit from a few days of rest given by PSG’s medical staff.

Today, thanks to that, the Selecao defender is doing better. “I had felt discomfort (in one thigh) during my last matches with PSG, it bothered me in my performance and in training during the week. As the World Cup approached, it was decided with PSG’s medical staff that I needed a few days off to deal with this problem. I came back and resumed my normal exercise routine bit by bit. And today (Thursday) I was able to do the whole session with the group, I’m very happy. A week before our start (against Serbia) it is a good sign. I think I kept a good physical shape because I played a lot with Paris. he said at a press conference.

The real Neymar expected

Marquinhos in the PSG shirt (iconsport)

Since the start of the season, Neymar has regained all his madness and all his technique. Enough to give the Brazilian supporters a few butterflies in their stomachs. “The pressure and this tag as a technical manager is inevitable for him, it’s always been like that since he’s been in the Seleçao. It’s normal when you see everything he’s capable of and the qualities he has . But he manages. He arrives at the WC in excellent physical shape. I am with him every day, I know how prepared he is, how focused he is on the project, how much he gave up his everyday life. He is my close friend, I can 100% guarantee what I say. But I always tell him that he does not need to carry more than the others. There are experienced players around him who support him and youngsters who take responsibility.”

“We are ready”

And finally, Marquinhos was asked about training sessions open to the public. According to him, this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary, they have absolutely nothing to hide. “No, because we have nothing to hide. This way of working can only be good, because if you close yourself off too much, the press ends up speculating about what’s going on, it won’t be right… something happens, everyone is there and sees it, it already is clarified. We cannot let bad things from outside affect us. The team is well prepared, the atmosphere is very good, we are ready to face anything. »


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