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What are the most searched dishes in 2022 on Google? (with some surprises)

As each end of the year, the Google search engine reveals its search lists that mark the year’s trends according to the themes. Among them, the cooking recipes that are most requested by users. If we find the essentials, there are also a few surprises…

The end of the year is synonymous with retrospectives. If music lovers look forward to their retro of the year Spotify to re-listen to their favorite songs, others review Google retrospectives.

As Christmas approaches, the American search engine reveals the past year’s trends on various themes: artists, political figures, video games, sports news, etc. At Marmiton, we have carefully studied research related to cooking. More precisely, the most popular food trends in France and around the world. And 10 recipes, salty and sweetare among the big trends of 2022. We prefer to warn you, this article will whet your appetite!

1 – Clafoutis

With cherries, apricots, plums or even rhubarb, clafoutis is the most searched recipe in 2022. Infinitely adaptable and for all seasons, clafoutis is the dessert that always seduces so much!

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2 – Tabbouleh

Ideal during the summer period, tabbouleh is the recipe for cooling down. And with the high temperatures we experienced this yearwe quickly understand why this dish is among the biggest trends in 2022.

3 – Caesar salad

Another refreshing dish during the heat wave, the Caesar salad. Very popular in the US, this generous mixed salad that mixes chicken breast, parmesan shavings, romaine lettuce and garlic croutons was created in Mexico. What a journey in a fork!

4 – Okra

Do you know okra? For all spice lovers, this Creole recipe is made for you. Okra is a tropical plant found mainly in African cuisine. But in Louisiana there are very popular varieties of the gourmands: okra with fish and prawns or okra with chicken and sausage. The hardest part will be choosing.

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5 – Mustard

Lack of mustard obliges, the French were very much looking for the mustard recipe. The reason ? Quite simply to try to make it at home when it was missing from the supermarket shelves.

6 – The Sex on the Beach Cocktail

Other preparation very popular in the USA and which conquered France, the Sex on the Beach cocktail. This alcoholic mixture containing vodka, orange juice, peach schnapps and cranberry juice is very popular. It even ranks as an official cocktail of the International Bartenders Association.

7 – The cold wrap

This is the summer sandwich we love. With salmon, chicken, vegetables or even tuna, the cold wrap is endless. Simple to make, everyone is free to choose the products they like. One thing is certain, this recipe brings freshness in hot weather.

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8 – Pancake batter

During the candlelight season, at the Christmas markets or at fairs, the crepe is the star recipe that appeals to young and old. And to make it something better than a delicious homemade pancake batter. Easy to make, this is the dessert we love to prepare when we spend a Coconut Sunday with the family.

9 – Tomato coulis

This is the sauce that kids love with rice or pasta. Tomato coulis goes well with all dishes. It is the side dish that is very easy to make, which gives a special flavor to the preparation.

10 – Caesar sauce

What would a Caesar salad be without its legendary sauce of the same name. If the mixed salad ranked in the 2022 trends, the dressing should follow the same path. Composed of mayonnaise, mustard, milk, lemon juice, garlic, grated parmesan, salt and pepper; this easy to prepare sauce tastes wonderful with Caesar salad.

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