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what are the treats to give them to reward them?

In the program “Horse club”, the veterinarian Charlotte Bourrion gives us advice on treats to give to horses and on foods to avoid!

After a ride or exercise session with your favorite horse, it helps to reward it with treats. This makes it possible to maintain the bond of complicity with the equine. But you have to follow some important rules. Indeed, we cannot give them everything and anything.

Let’s be clear, keep it simple! And yes, giving carrots or apples to a horse is the best thing to do. These foods also have the advantage of being rich in vitamins.

Be careful about apples, they must be cut into quarters before feeding them to the horse. The whole apple, he might swallow it whole!

Treats are occasional pleasures and under no circumstances should they become the basis of the horse’s diet.

Charlotte Bourrion, veterinarian

You cannot give your horse just any food. There are “false friends” to avoid. The veterinarian of the “Cheval club” magazine alerts us to certain products.

  • The sugar cube : it has no nutritional interest.
  • The bread lasts : this is not a good idea because of the starch which will generate gas in the intestine of the horse. As for soft bread, it can lead to plugs in the esophagus because the animal will have difficulty chewing it.
  • Chocolate : it is toxic because of the theobromine present in it. In addition, theobromine will prove positive in doping control. Clearly to be avoided.
  • The tomato : it contains molecules that can cause heart problems in horses.

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Horse feed: foods to avoid

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The advantage of dry treats found in pet stores and specialty stores is their convenience. But be careful of the labels of these products, as they may contain chemical additives and dyes.

To vary the pleasures, do not hesitate to develop the taste of the animal and make them discover new flavors. Cherry, mushrooms, honey or bananas can be given to horses too… And why not try watermelon too? After all, it is fresh and full of water. Very useful when it’s very hot!

► “Cheval club”, the magazine devoted to horses, broadcast on France 3 Hauts de France and France 3 Centre-Val de Loire. To see or see again in replay on the platform.



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