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What Cats See But People Don’t: Interesting Things

All animals are endowed with extrasensory abilities, some of which are common with more or less pronounced details and others specific to only a few species. That’s how it is with cats. These pets perceive more things in their field of vision than the human eye allows. It would be interesting to know some of them, because cats have a lot to teach us about their lives as felines.

Animals have remarkable abilities; they use their senses to communicate with each other and with people. Did you know that cats use their whiskers as antennae to sense the air moving around them? This is why they recognize your scent and start running towards you even before you appear in their field of vision. But that’s not all, cats would be able to see things invisible to the naked eye, which still needs to be proven.

What do cats see that no one else can?

Scottish cat head

Scottish cat head. Source: spm

Cats don’t see the world the way we do. Some energies are more easily perceptible to them, while others are less so. Nickolay Lamm, a young American artist was very interested in how cats perceive their environment. Based on the opinion of several specialists, including Dr. Kerry Ketring from the All Animal Eye Clinic or Ophthalmology group in the veterinary department at the University of Pennsylvania, he demonstrated through a set of pictures, the difference between cat vision and human vision, as relayed by NBCNEWS.

vision in the dark : Cats have the ability to perceive an infrared spectrum. In other words, they see the thermal energy emitted by the material objects around us. Therefore, it is possible for them to see in the dark. The cat is said to be a nyctalope and its vision at night is therefore 8 times better than that of humans. They are able to see in total darkness without any light source. This is why, especially at night, cats see much better than dogs and people. The retina in a cat’s eye has a reflective mat that functions to reflect light in low light. It is tapetum lucidum; a trait common to all felines and most mammals.

Dark vision of cat vs human

Cat’s vision in the dark compared to humans. Source: spm

Light changes : Rapid changes in light intensity are visible to cats’ eyes. This is useful for them to identify threats or pursue their prey, no matter how quickly. They actually have more eyestalks than humans and other animals. Their wider viewing angle allows them to see even in low light conditions. The many rods that line the cat’s retina allow it to open its pupils wider to let in light rays. This is why the cat has a much wider night vision than ours; 260° versus 220°; i.e. 200° plus 30° very blurred peripheral vision on each side for cats and 180° + twice 20° for humans.

Pastel color vision of the cat

Pastel color vision of the cat. Source: spm

Colors : if the cat’s eye is equipped with senses that allow it to perceive the spectra as well as the rapid changes of light, this perception is less enhanced when it comes to seeing the different colors that exist in our world. The vision of the cat is almost dichromatic: it distinguishes almost only yellow and blue. On the other hand, red and green are difficult for him to see completely, but also to distinguish. Yes, cats are color blind! To the cat’s eye, these two colors are variants of pale yellow. This is because cats’ eyes have fewer retinal receptors. However, studies show that a cat’s retina is primarily sensitive to shades of green and indigo blue.

Invisible presences: In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals and were given many spiritual powers. Even today and all over the world, some people still believe that having a cat helps to ward off the negative vibes emitted by malevolent spirits while also helping to promote happiness in their homes. But it remains an abstract science, so everyone is free to believe it or not. For now, you must understand that your cat purrs when he is happy, and happiness is said to be contagious.

They are also very curious about our little moustaches. If you see your cat scratching an object with his nails, it can mean many things: either he is bored so he is having fun, or he is trying to gather information about what is around him. Get to know your cat better; the relationship between you will only become more beautiful.

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