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What health insurance for your stay in Cambodia

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Health insurance is essential in Cambodia and choosing the right contract is not always easy. David Treal founder and director of AG Cambodia advises to help you make your informed choice.

How do you choose your health insurance?

There are two types of coverage:

Travel insurance covers for a period defined at the time of subscription and renewal is not guaranteed. Most contracts only cover emergency care (unexpected illnesses and accidents) and include outpatient care, repatriation and civil liability. This type of contract is suitable for a person who is making a temporary stay in Cambodia and who has insurance in his country of origin upon return.

Foreign health insurance provides guaranteed protection throughout your period abroad, so there is a guarantee of renewal, which ensures continuity of cover if you have ongoing care. The basic cover is limited to hospitalization and transport home and you can add optional maternity, day-to-day medicine (ambulatory) and dental optics.

It is important to choose a contract that is split and does not increase your premium depending on your requirements.

You can adjust your premium according to your budget by choosing a more or less wide coverage area, a deductible or additional coverage options to the basic coverage, which only covers hospitalization.

To choose the right contract, it is best to contact a professional, we advise you on the most advantageous contract after comparing all the available offers, we offer you only the necessary guarantees and manage your membership, your payments and the renewal of your contract. Our service is free and you pay the same price with our service as buying your cover directly from the insurance company.

How are refunds and chargebacks handled?

All our solutions allow hospitalization worldwide, so you don’t have to pay up front. We also have solutions that allow you to consult your doctor and pharmacy without upfront costs.

For the follow-up of your claims, it is also preferable to have a broker to give you all the necessary assistance. We have built our reputation on the local, real-time support we provide to our customers. So they only need to call locally to inform us of their situation and we handle the coverage with the insurance company and the hospital. In the case of reimbursement, we help all our customers to obtain the documents and follow up on the reimbursement request with the insurance company until payment.

In which case is it useful to register with CFE?

CFE reproduces the rights to social security and requires supplementary mutual insurance. We offer this solution to people with chronic diseases who would normally be excluded by the insurance company, or to pensioners who benefit from a more advantageous tariff than with private insurance companies.

What is the cost of healthcare in Cambodia?

Healthcare costs in international hospitals in Cambodia are often more expensive than in France, so it is better to have solid healthcare coverage. It takes between $2,000 to $3,000 a day for hospital treatment.

Is it possible to be processed in France with your contracts?

Most of our solutions allow you to receive your healthcare in France and pay for it without prepayment.

Which coverage area should you choose?

The coverage area defines the countries where you can choose to receive care, if it is limited your premium will be reduced. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose a coverage area including Singapore or Europe, or limit the area to Southeast Asia only. Most of our contracts extend the coverage area for emergency care while traveling worldwide.

When should franchises be used?

The excess allows you to reduce your contribution, the excess in our contracts is annual, so it is only deductible from your healthcare costs once. With a $1000 deductible, you pay less for your premium, and if you receive care, you pay the first $1000 of your health care costs.

Are there health insurance solutions from Cambodian insurance companies?

We have of course actively worked to establish agreements between Western and Cambodian insurance companies to distribute international solutions locally to both expatriates and Cambodians and to comply with legislation. There are currently many contracts available on the market and we are actively working to create new solutions with all insurance companies.

What recommendation do you have for our readers?

Too many people lose their savings or don’t get adequate care because they are uninsured. Health is our most precious asset, so the first recommendation is to have good health insurance for yourself and your loved ones. We often see insureds on the Internet who pay too much or who have insufficient guarantees. It is best to consult a professional like AG Cambodia to choose the right contract and benefit from local assistance for your requirements.


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