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What is business insurance?

What is business insurance?

When you want start your businessit is important to subscribe for insurance. In France and around the world, there are always risks in the professional sector. Active of the company’s business sector, insurance is recommended. Some sectors are in the obligation to own one if they want to practice their profession in the standard. In today’s article, we show you what insurance is and why it is important to insure your business in any field. To find out more, here is all the essential information below.

What is commercial insurance used for?

It is important protect your business, regardless of its size. By taking out professional insurance, you will be more calm and you will have fewer worries if there is a problem with your business.

What is business insurance?

commercial insurance is a contract that the manager of a company must take out a subscription to protect his company. Regardless of the activity sector, the various companies can have a contract. This covers the various risks linked to the professional activity, and also makes it possible to protect the employees. This contract is therefore a protection for businesses. There are three categories of insurance, here is a list to know them:

  • Property insurance: materials, goods and business premises. Likewise, the various damages as a result of a natural disaster, theft with failure to identify the person and fire are covered.
  • Personal insurance: bodily injury, the various health risks, health insurance and death
  • Insurance for the activity: this insurance covers all the damages that are related to the business activity, which may entail a civil liability for the company, but also a legal liability.

To choose your insuranceyou are not required to take out each cover separately, as some insurance companies offer multi-risk protection. This protects both the company and the people who work there.

For some professionsinsurance is mandatory because for the most part it is professional sectors that are always associated with risks. For example, for people who work in health, lawyers, people who own a real estate agency, travel agencies or even architects. For some years it has been compulsory by law to have a mutual enterprise.

For other professionals, although it is not a legal requirement to have insurance, we do highly recommend you to have one. If you do not want to take out multi-risk insurance, it is advisable to take out at least one liability contract with an insurance company. and legal protection.

What are the different documents that need to be presented to take out professional insurance?

To sign a civil liability contract, it is necessary to have certain very important documents. In general, the insurances all ask for the same papers, but this can change depending on the guarantees you have chosen. Similarly, those who work in different professional sectors will not have same parts to be supplied.

Important documents include the plan of the premises of your company and a Kbis extract. If it is a new company, you must have the lease for the premises. If, on the other hand, this is a company that already exists on the market, then the contract for the insurance you have is necessary. In order to obtain your contract, it is necessary to disclose the company’s balance sheet as well than preventing losses.

How to choose a good professional insurance?

How to choose a good professional insurance?

To choose the right commercial insurance, and to have civil liability for your company, you must more searches. Before starting to look for the different insurances, the manager must actually decide the different needs. For this he must take into account the employees and the equipment. Subsequently, thanks to the Internet, the entrepreneur can compare offers online and can also request quotes and more contracts.The price of the insurance depends on the individual insurer, but also on the guarantee the contractor decides to add. Once the manager has found the coverage that best suits him or the multi-risk contract, he will can sign the contract to protect its company and its employees.



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