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In France, the bill aimed at reforming the unemployment insurance system, which the government considers too generous, should be passed this week in parliament. How do our European neighbors work between limiting and increasing rights? Overview of the UK, Germany and Italy.

The French unemployment benefit system, “one of the most generous in Europe” ? This is what Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt said on 3 October in the Senate, criticizing a 60-year-old regime which “carried out [rait] its role imperfect” due to its lack of responsiveness to economic conditions. This supposed excessive and non-incentive benevolence – the government’s argument to justify its reform and its bill, which should be finally adopted by the National Assembly on Tuesday, followed by the Senate on Thursday – would concern both the duration of the compensation and the threshold. , “more favorable than in most European countries”, according to the minister.

So much so that, according to several trade unions that have been invited to participate in a hearing on the matter, the government does not rule out raising the threshold for opening rights and reducing the rights of new unemployed from the start of 2023: In the idea, an employee who was entitled to 24 months of unemployment after 24 months of work, would be entitled to 18 months of compensation. “The most affected will be those who are already in the most difficulty”, warn Denis Gravouil, of the CGT. Which also disputes that France has the system “most generous” : “This is wrong in relation to Northern Europe in particular.”

Olivier Dussopt also admits that this comparison with our European neighbors should




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