What is the cheapest car insurance per kilometers?

Car insurance per kilometers gives all motorists who drive a little the opportunity to pay an insurance premium in proportion to the number of kilometers driven. This formula has many advantages and can help you save money easily.

If you are looking for cheaper car insurance per km, the AXA company offers this formula to its customers. But in addition to AXA, it is possible to benefit from the best car offers per kilometer at Abeille Assurance, Assur One or at Boursorama.

Axa Assurance offers mileage for 12 euros per month

If you want to insure a car that you don’t use very often, choose insurance per km from this company. Subscription is at 12 euros per month. In fact, this excellent offer from AXA is aimed at small drivers who drive less than 8000 km per year. Here you get access to three classic formulas. They include third party insurance, extended third party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

In his formula per km, AXA also offers you included options such as the absence of costs for glass breakage in an approved garage. You will also have a breakdown service in less than an hour and a loaner car in the event of a collision. By choosing car insurance per km from this company, you will undoubtedly realize enormous savings.

However, it must be remembered that subscription to this formula is not possible online with AXA. You must therefore go to its headquarters or directly contact one of the insurance company’s advisors to get involved more easily. Here are the details of the benefits you can avail by subscribing car insurance km at AXA:

  • driver insurance up to one million euros,
  • accessories and accessories,
  • vehicle assistance without mileage deduction.

Note that this company’s car insurance per km does not include installation of connected box. You must state the mileage shown on your odometer when you sign your contract.

Abeille Insurance for 8,000 to 15,000 km package with attractive discounts

You will benefit from an attractive reduction from 8% to 30% depending on the number of kilometers you cover in a year. Abeille Assurance also offers one public transport bonus to its subscribers. The latter actually benefit from a 10% reduction on theirs car contract in case they have an annual subscription.

In addition, the costs of car insurance per km of your business varies according to several parameters. First of all, it should be noted that it depends on the insured vehicle, especially its model, its brand, without power and its general condition. The price may also depend on the driver and be linked to the date of obtaining his driver’s license, his bonus Malus, his driving history. The wider the coverage, the higher the premium for the warranty.

In the house of Bee insurance, the smallest package is 7000 km, while the largest is 15,000 km. For this offer, your company guarantees coverage of the costs of towing up to 3000 euros per year, this for a distance of 100 m per repair. Abeille Assurance also guarantees coverage of taxi costs up to 50 km.

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Boursorama 2000 km to 12,000 km

This company also offers car insurance per km, it is much cheaper. If you use your car less and less, Boursorama has developed the 2.0 formula for you. His Pay es you drive takes into account the actual level of use of your car. Note that it is the number of kilometers driven that determines the price. This Boursorama formula is called Carapace. Sign up for this insurance to get the best benefits.

Besides mileage, the box can be of great use to you, it will closely follow your actual usage level. You only have to pay one monthly fee of 7.50 euros plus the kilometer price. The special thing here is that you can start the online subscription process in less than 5 minutes.

At Boursorama, there are several options for you. You can choose between two categories of cover overnamely that at third and comprehensive insurance.

Euro Insurance 8000 km

This company has developed a car insurance offer that is suitable for its customers. It is dedicated to small riders with three kilometer packages. You have it for 8000, 6000 and 4000 km. These options from the Euro Assurance company are full of many benefits for customers. These are very advantageous formulas and you will benefit from reductions on your contributions according to a pre-defined mileage.

Specifically, people who drive less than 8,000 km per year can benefit from a 15% reduction on their premium. If you are looking for a cheap company, Euro Insurance is the choice for you! It should be remembered that it also provides a reduction of 20% for those who drive less than 6000 km per year and 25% for drivers who drive less. 4000 km during this year.

Regardless of the package chosen, its insurance small rolls offers the same guarantees as classic car insurance contracts.

In the end, there are many cheap car insurances on the market, do not hesitate to choose the offer that best meets your expectations.

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