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what is the point of having a local agent? –

After a certain age, a senior could question the quality of their current supplemental health insurance. The information to know is that the default guarantees offered by the contract are not always adapted to its real needs. Sometimes he needs to think about a mutual health insurance to create more security or resort to a local agent who provides assistance at all times.

A local agent accompanies the patient

Today, the medical field has now adopted new technologies, be it for consultations or complex operations. As part of this medical teleconsultation formula, the doctor will examine the senior from a distance using various means such as computers or smartphones. In this sense, a senior can be accompanied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even at home. However, he must contact the right professional. This is where the local agent comes in, as his role is to listen to the description of the patient’s symptoms through a free phone call. The local agent will then put the patient in direct contact with the specialist. It saves time and prevents seniors from putting effort into the research phase.

The information one needs to know is that without the help of an assistant, he must go on the Internet and consult the medical books. That said, not all GPs offer teleconsultation as there are specific platforms to find this type of service. Also note that the local agent can schedule an appointment between his client and an expert.

When to contact the local agent?

As soon as the customer feels some health problems, he can call the local agent. Among the pathologies that remote doctors can take care of are allergies or stomach aches… They also offer their service to the elderly who want to renew a prescription. It should be noted that the interventions of the treating doctors are limited to simple treatments that do not require physical contact.
After a diagnosis of the disease, the doctor sends a prescription online. It is this electronic document that the patient will present to the pharmacy in order to have the medicine adapted to his pathology. He will also know the dosage adapted to his morphology thanks to the doctor’s indication.

What are the advantages of teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation allows access to care, even if the elderly lived in remote areas of France. The choice also spares seniors from long queues at clinics and doctors’ offices.

Teleconsultation also prevents the elderly from abandoning care due to a mobility problem. Finally, you will know that the costs of a telemedicine operation are reimbursed via health insurance.



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