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What is the role of a lawyer specializing in labor law?

Labor law is a branch of social law. It defines the legal standards and rules applicable to relations between employers and employees. The latter only come into play when it comes to professional exchanges. The labor lawyer is the expert who is able to understand, interpret and ensure compliance with these rules. Find out what his role is and why to contact this professional.

Defend an employee or an employer during a conflict in a company

The lawyer specializing in labor law is a legal expert whose services can be requested by anyone. However, his skills are particularly sought after by employees of various companies. Most of the time, he intervenes in cases of conflict between the latter and their employers. Its expertise extends exclusively to labor disputes.

The dismissal

In the event of dismissal by an employer, the employee can appeal to a labor law lawyer. This is all the more appropriate if he considers that the decision is abusive or does not respect his rights. Of course, the employer also has the possibility. I strongly recommend that you use a lawyer who practices in this branch if you find yourself in a similar situation. He will be able to represent you and defend your rights. The labor lawyer, in general, recalls the legal obligations of each party.

Employee who requested the services of a lawyer in Lausanne specializing in labor law, following unfair dismissal.

The harassment

Harassment is a phenomenon present in various forms in the world of work. A study carried out by the International Labor Organization on 4.5 million French employees tends to confirm this fact. It reveals that between 2017 and 2019, 52% of women and 27% of men were victims of sexual harassment at work. The French survey company Ipsos further shows through a survey that at least 30% of French employees report being subjected to moral harassment at work. Whether you are in one or the other of these cases, the labor lawyer is the professional who can help you. He assists you to ensure that justice is done.

The unpaid salary

When your most basic rights, as an employee, are violated, you should not hesitate to contact a lawyer specializing in labor law. This is the case if your employer no longer pays you your salary, for example. The professional will be able to do everything possible to regularize the situation and ensure that it does not happen again.

The advantages of the accompaniment of a lawyer specialized in labor law

There are many advantages to hiring a lawyer specializing in labor law. These do not only benefit the employees, but are also in favor of the employers. The labor lawyer helps employees enforce their rights. He is able to defend them and ensure optimal working conditions. It uses the legal texts to guarantee everyone a healthy professional environment.

For employers, it is also a major ally. It allows them to secure their working relationships with their employees. The lawyer eliminates the risk of errors when drafting different contracts. He brings his expertise and his great knowledge of the laws in the matter so that cases of misuse or interpretation do not arise. In any case, being accompanied by a lawyer gives you the benefit of a real follow-up. You have the assurance of being assisted by a person who masters all the intricacies of the law work. Like all other legal branches, it remains complex and very delicate.



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