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what will change in 2023

Between the disappearance of the sticker and the rise in prices, there will be several changes to French motorists’ car insurance in 2023.

With the arrival of this new year 2023, there will be several changes for motorists, be it the cost of fuel, the ecological bonus, ZFE or even tolls.

But some news will also appear withinCar insurance : let’s review the changes that will apply in 2023 to your car insurance.

The end of the car insurance sticker

The green sticker, etc car insurance certificate, has been an essential part of our windscreens for almost 40 years: it confirms that you are well covered by car insurance and its presence is systematically checked by the police during an inspection. . But this tradition may soon change: the insurance sticker is actually going away in 2023!

The news was announced a few months ago by Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire. The aim is to simplify the procedures for motorists and at the same time save the printing of more than 50 million certificates every year. The check will be carried out using the Insured Vehicles File (FVA), which makes it possible to list the vehicles that are actually covered by an insurance contract.

Car insurance: Rising prices

While the budget of French households has been hit for a few years, motorists will also have to prepare for bad news in 2023 regarding the price of their car insurance: yes, the specialist Assurland is planning a contribution increase of approx. 3 percent This year.

On average, the annual car insurance contribution will now be 630 euros, or around 52 euros per month. Young people are most affected by the price increase, as they now have to count around 1,200 euros per year (100 euros per month) for a contract for a young license under the age of 25.

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Why are car insurance prices rising?

If the lockdowns and remote working had had a positive impact on the increase in the price of car insurance with relative stability since 2020, the recovery in economic activity has also been accompanied by the resumption of accidents and car requirementswhose costs are passed on by the insurance companies.

In addition to inflation, this increase is also due increase in the price of spare parts, which has experienced a veritable explosion in recent years. The increasingly complex technological equipment that equips the latest vehicles is also the reason for the increase in the cost of repairs and thus the price of car insurance.



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