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What will happen to the stray dogs and cats of Algiers? Brigitte Bardot is worried!

Stray dogs and cats in Algeria have been victims since the middle of the 19th century of a cruel practice known as “Galoufa” which consists of capturing animals in the streets and killing them brutally. The animals, once captured, are transferred to the headquarters of the government institution, crammed into cages and left for days without food or water before being doused with water and finally electrocuted alive, dying in agony.

The origin of this cruel practice, which is the “Galoufa” in Algeria

The name “Galoufa” is a deformed term derived from the name of the first dog hunter in the city of Algiers, called “Garufa”. He was of Spanish origin and was hired in the second half of the 19th century to capture and exterminate stray animals as they were considered vectors for the transmission of dangerous diseases, such as rabies, and therefore a possible threat to public health and the environment.

Although ethical alternatives like vaccination and sterilization in the 21st century do exist and can be easily implemented without causing pain and suffering to animals, this horrible and cruel practice of torturing and killing animals has only ended recently.

Victory for activists and Brigitte Bardot to end the “Galoufa”

Recently, a vast awareness campaign against animal abuse was launched. Indeed, Algerian activists finally decided to denounce “Galoufa” and pressure the government to stop this practice. Since then, awareness messages have emerged on the Internet and on social networks, while launching the Hashtag: #stop_galoufa_in_Algeria.

This fierce fight for the animal cause has borne fruit, since on March 22, 2022, the judgment prohibiting the practice of “Galoufa” was announced. Indeed, animal protectors emerged victorious, following an exchange of letters between Mrs. Brigitte Bardot and the current Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune; the latter having expressed his sadness and desolation in the face of animal abuse and unhealthy practices towards these animals.



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