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When should you tip and how much? Canadians don’t get along

When should you tip and how much should you tip? There is no consensus among Canadians on these issues, according to a new study by Research Co.

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A third of Canadians (33%) believe that food servers deserve a tip in all situations, even if the service they provided was poor. In contrast, just over three in ten Canadians (31%) say they would not tip if they received below average service at a table service restaurant when their server is clearly not busy.

Tips for take-away food?

Do we have to leave a certain amount extra when we get our meal prepared to take it home or when we order at a restaurant without table service? These questions are also not unanimous according to the results obtained in the survey of the Canadian company.

More than half of Canadians (53%) say they never tip when visiting a snack bar, and more than two in five never tip when visiting a cafeteria-style restaurant (49%). a restaurant where they order food. picked up yourself (48%) or a café (43%).

Regardless, a majority of people (70%) agree that “food servers can’t get by on their salary alone, it’s important to tip them.”

The survey was conducted online from 10-12. December among 1,000 adults in Canada.



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