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where is the cheapest insurance in France?

Property prices vary depending on where you live, and so does your car insurance. The differences between regions can even be significant, according to research by, an insurance comparator. If you want to save money, settle in Brittany.

In this region you pay around 580 euros per year for a family with two children and a station wagon or SUV. This corresponds to 50 euros less than the national average. On the contrary, the addition is steep in PACA or Île-de-France, med more than 700 euros. Corsica breaks all records: 805 euros per yeara difference of 44% with Brittany.

“The price difference that can be observed depending on the region is related to requirementsor one accident rate per inhabitant which is higher or denser traffic or parking on public roads, which increases the probability of loss”, explains Samuel Bansard, head of Meilleurtaux Assurances. example with a price lower than the national average.

Unfortunately, we can expect to see car insurance prices rise by around 3% in 2023, mainly due to the cost of spare parts skyrocketing in recent months.

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