Which breed of cat is the most cuddly?

What are the most cuddly cat breeds? Consult our topic to find out and choose your kitten knowingly.

It’s decided. You gave in to the pleas of the youngest, flinched in the face of the arguments of the big one: you will adopt a kitten. And then admit that they didn’t have much to do to convince you!

Adopting a cat: we enlarge the family

You know how much the presence of a pet in a home can bring joy and tenderness to everyone. For example, some dogs are perfect for hypersensitive children, because each breed has its specific character traits. The same goes for cats of course.

Even though we know the cat character which is of a rather independent nature, we know that some cats are cuddly, affectionate and gentle. They’ll love chilling on the couch or lounging in their basket. While others may prefer to go on an adventure in the garden (include hunting sparrows and mice).

Choose a cuddly and affectionate cat

If you have children, are sensitive and love affectionate cats who can stay for hours huddled on the knees of their masters, you will tend, a priori, to prefer cuddly cats rather than autonomous. Sure, each cat has its own personality own, but you can still orient your choice towards cuddly cat breeds reputed to be affectionate (even pot of…

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