while she was walking her dog, the animal was shot in the head

Beaten, the owner of the animal claims that it is a deliberate act committed by a neighbor of the person she was staying with.

His vacation, which promised to be very quiet, turned tragic in an instant. A young woman from the Dordogne who was staying with a friend in the village of Champ-Saint-Père (Vendée) experienced a terrible accident on Tuesday, January 3rd. When she was going for a walk with her two dogs, one of the animals was shot and killed by a resident of the town.

As Ouest France reports, the young woman had just left her friend’s house with her dogs when she realized she had forgotten her jacket. So she went back inside with one of the animals, the other stayed outside on the path. “A few seconds later I heard a shot, describes the young woman. I didn’t worry, he was smart and calm.”

The neighbor claims the dog entered his property

Returning to the path, however, Périgourdine is faced with a sight of horror: her dog Snatch “lies on the ground, a bullet in the head (…) in front of the entrance to one of the neighbors’ properties along the road”. In shock, she goes to fetch her friend and appears with him at the door of the neighbor in question.

The latter opens them, visibly annoyed, and explains to them that he shot the animal because it had entered his land and frightened his animals. “He told us that he was tired of the dogs, says the owner of Snatch, always quoted by Ouest France. He had already met us walking with my dogs and had already threatened me and said that he did not want any dogs on his property.”

“He took for all the others”

“He said a dog had attacked his cattle this year, the young woman continues, but it couldn’t be mine, I don’t live here. He took for all the others.” After recovering the lifeless body of his faithful companion, the vacationer called the gendarmes, who found the animal dead and obtained a confession from the neighbor.

The regional daily clarifies that, as a result, the latter will be summoned to court at the beginning of March. “He only risks a light fine”, laments the owner of the deceased dog, who points to a major inconsistency in the suspect’s statement: “According to his version, the dog entered his property, he shot him and Snatch would have gone on the path, would he have walked with a bullet in the head? The young woman explained that she would take a lawyer to demonstrate that the animal was in fact killed outside the property.

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