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who are the 100 most influential business lawyers in French-speaking Africa? – Young Africa

Africa Business +, the exclusive newsletter of Jeune Afrique Media Group, publishes from May 30 its annual ranking of the 100 business lawyers who have marked 2021 in French-speaking Africa. Established in partnership with the editorial staff of Young Africa, this exclusive list, created in 2016, includes for the third year in a row 100 business law practitioners. Developed in complete confidentiality, it is based on a detailed assessment of the operations carried out by each lawyer, according to the data provided by the various firms for the year 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

In total, 67 firms or structures and 388 practitioners answered our questions. And the renewal is confirmed year after year with, in this last edition, at least 22 new entrants.

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Multiplication of deals in renewable energies

There is also a proliferation of operations in renewable energies – mainly in solar energy, but also in hydroelectricity, a sector whose implementation times remain very long. Several prospective mega-projects in green hydrogen are being structured in Mauritania, Morocco and Djibouti. On the other hand, there are few major deals in terms of hydrocarbon development, apart from the finalization of projects already launched, such as Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) and Sangomar in the Mauritania-Senegal offshore zone, which are nearing their start of production. .

Driven by the surge in world prices, the enthusiasm for the mining sector is confirmed: bauxite and iron in Guinea, with in particular the emblematic zone of Simandou and its two parts (SMB-Winning and Rio Tinto); strategic minerals in the DRC; gold throughout West Africa. These mining developments generate in parallel very important disputes in international arbitration. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity remains at a moderate level, except in fintech and some outflows.

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On analyzing the activity of business law practitioners, in terms of projects, the gradual generalization of public-private partnerships (PPP), including in health infrastructures, is confirmed and is accompanied, there too, its share of litigation and arbitration.

In-depth qualitative analysis

In terms of methodology, our journalists assessed, for each professional, the number of files, the variety of countries of intervention and the underlying financial values. To these quantitative factors is added an in-depth qualitative analysis, based on the complexity of the types of intervention.

For several years, we have also chosen to overweight a certain number of interventions recognized for their impact on the development of the continent. (creation of major infrastructures, renewable energies, advice to governments, sustainable development of natural resources, etc.). For African firms, the importance in their country is taken into account. In a logic of CSR (corporate social responsibility), the interventions pro bono also come into consideration.

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As in previous editions, certain practices are the subject of a particular distinction, namely: Projects, Funding, Erenewable energies, Government support, M&A and Arbitration/Litigation, not to mention the leading categories Law firm of the year and African Law Firm. Innovation of the year, we now distinguish the Deal of the year.

Note, finally, that, for the sake of clarity, this 2022 ranking will be published in five parts, the last being devoted to the Top 20 of the ranking. You can now find on Africa Business+ the first part, as well as three portraits of lawyers as well as that of the firm distinguished this year in the category African Law Firm : the structure panafrican adna.



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