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Why and how to change the car insurance?

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Because your car insurance is too expensive, the handling of an injury has been difficult or the guarantees no longer suit your needs, you will change the contract and even the insurance company. Know that you have the opportunity, and this without justifying yourself after a year of commitment. To do this, you must follow a simple protocol and above all respect the imposed deadlines. Changing car insurance allows you to save money, but also to benefit from better coverage. This is the case if you choose Leocare. New generation insurance is fully digitized, making it possible to offer guarantees that are 25% cheaper.

Why cancel your car insurance?

If you want to change insurance, it is probably because your current contract no longer suits you. But why ? First of all, you should know that the fall in purchasing power affects many households. To save money, it is an option to review your insurance contracts. To do this, you need to compare the offers from the different insurance companies. It is possible to find warranties that are just as beneficial as yours, or even better suited to your needs, at a lower price. However, it also happens that policyholders downgrade their protection to reduce their monthly payments. If you are in this situation, be safe. Leocare is a new insurance that works based on an application. This allows policyholders to draw up a quote and adjust options. It also allows policyholders to regain control of their contracts while enjoying 25% lower rates.

Prices are not always discussed in the event of a contract change. Sometimes it’s the warranties that are no longer appropriate. An insured person’s needs can change. This is the case if he buys a new vehicle, if another driver is added to the contract, or if the driving environment is different, e.g. after a move. When the guarantees originally taken out are no longer suitable, you can adjust them. To do this, it is often enough to contact your insurance company. If no solution is suitable, termination may be considered. Finally, you may not be satisfied with your insurance. It happens when the handling of an injury does not meet your expectations or when the compensation is lower than what was agreed.

What are the steps to change car insurance?

Before you proceed with the termination of your contract, you must take stock. Previously, it was impossible to cancel the policy outside the anniversary date of this contract. But since the Hamon law, it is possible to terminate an insurance contract at any time after a full year of membership without financial penalties and above all without having to justify yourself. It is still possible to terminate a contract before its first anniversary in the event of a change of residence, profession, status, retirement or cessation of activity.

If you want to change insurance, you must send a letter of cancellation. It is important to send this letter by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The termination takes effect 1 month after the request. After the implementation of the Chatel Law, you should know that your insurer must send you a notice of the expiry of the insurance at least 15 days before the expiry date of the contract. In case of default, you can terminate your contract within 20 days from this date without reason and without financial penalties. Your cancellation letter must contain the following information: your surname, first name and address as well as your insurance company’s, your contract number, your vehicle’s registration number and the date of subscription to your contract. You must also attach your information statement. Remember to state clearly your cancellation request and do not hesitate to specify the conditions under which you do so. It could be the Hamon law, the annual deadline or the sale of your vehicle.

Vigilance is required with car insurance changes. In fact, if you drive regularly, you should at least be insured through civil liability. However, there may be a waiting period. It would be inappropriate to no longer be insured.

Take out car insurance with Leocare

Now that you have been released from your insurance contract, you must take out another insurance policy. This is the time to take stock of your needs, your expectations and the use you will make of the vehicle. Leocare offers you 3 levels of guarantees. All formulas include free civil liability, 0 km assistance and loan of a vehicle during the immobilization of the insured.

Third party insurance covers basic risks. It allows you to drive completely legally and offers very attractive prices. The Tiers+ formula is more elaborate. It provides protection against theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, technological and climatic disasters, the risk of attacks and glass breakage. Finally, All-Risk motor vehicle insurance covers all accidents. The driver’s body protection is unlimited. You should also know that if you want to insure another driver, it is possible. Even if it is a young driver. If necessary, you can benefit from the reimbursement of information courses required to obtain points.

To buy Leocare car insurance, simply download the app. This also makes it possible to customize the various guarantees associated with the offer and even to subscribe to additional services to benefit from personal insurance. Leocare also offers motorcycle and home insurance. All offers show advantageous prices. You will discover them by requesting a 1 minute quote. If you want to buy insurance, it will take you less than 4 minutes.



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