Why do black cats have a bad reputation?

Bad luck, bad luck, death, defeat, failure… Black cats are associated with all sorts of unfortunate events. But for what reasons?

Since a long time, the black cat is surrounded by demonism and bound to all sorts of evil spells. A fate that fell upon him and has not left him, despite the many centuries he has passed through. However, it has not always been this way the cat in the black dress. The black cat was indeed special surrounded by a reverence in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians regarded him a divine being and showed him every kind of respect. But this status, the black cat has since lost it The Middle Ages. Something that time has not dulled (if it has not helped to strengthen it). Even today they are attached to all kinds of superstitions. But where does all this come from?

It all started in the 8th century

We are in the 8th century, in what would become the Europe we know today. that Christianity was still struggling to establish its dominance and expansion still encountered obstacles. Because, pagan cults dominated. Then will begin a real fight against these sects and everything related to it. To make it easier for loyal fighters, the sovereign pontiff the fate of the texts, which will make it possible to identify these properties.

black cat witchcraft

We find there especially the cat, who is taxed with an earthly incarnation of the devil.

Thus began the battle against the black cat. A belief in it color symbolism will unfortunately strengthen. Black is therefore associated with the negative, with evil and with everything that has to do with the devil.

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The black cat, companion of witches and attribute of satanic rituals

This stigma of which the black cat is a victim will deepen over time, especially around the 15th and 16th centuries. A time when the story of witches wreaked havoc and everything related to them fell out of favor. The black cat has become, in the popular imagination, the witches’ loyal companion. It is said that the animal was used by them to spread misfortune; the one who crossed them was affected by an illness or lost a family member. This ended up discrediting the animal that was escaped or killed by Puritans.

black cat and witch

Back then, hunts were even often organized for them catch and kill these cats in excruciating pain. The most popular day for this is St. John’s Day. They were either stoned, after being tied, or quartered, burned at the stake, or even torn to pieces. That’s what we thought it was the only way to avert the misfortune is to meet this cat. Little by little these colored cats became rare in society; their number is continuously reduced.

Black cat, misfortune in the modern world

6 centuries later, nothing has changed! Just go to the shelters to realize that. Black cats are the least adopted there.

adoption of black cat

Of course, there are no more hunts, but the black cat is still so stigmatized. We also use the term black cat to define someone or something that brings bad luck. Thereby, Drake is known to be a black cat for football players. Whenever he appears with a player, his team loses the following match. We know that too Théo, as the black cat from PSG. The club loses every time it goes to the Parc des Princes.

In the popular imagination today, black is associated with grief. We also wear black clothes when we have to attend a funeral. It is also associated with unfortunatemystery, magic, accidentetc. All this contributes to the cat’s bad reputation.

Or else, film and literature did not favor this cat. In many books and films, the black cat is the favorite of the witches. We especially remember the case regarding Professor McGonagall which often turns into a black cat. sabrinathe witch, has a cat she has nicknamed Salem; referring to the witch village.

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Fortunately, not everyone believes that

The layering on black cats is lively. However, not everyone believes it. In different parts of the world, certain people adopt cats of these colors that they consider a divine symbol or sign of prosperity.

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