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Why do some dogs try to grab their tails?

It can be funny to watch a dog circle around to grab its tail and look totally disoriented. If this attitude is quite common in puppies, it should not be trivialized. In some cases, it can reveal underlying health conditions or mental disorders.

As soon as they discover they have a tail, the puppies try to grab it. Much easier to hunt than the elusive bird camping out in the garden. Only over time can this occasional behavior turn into a real habit, as Insider explains. Dogs that spend most of their time alone or in kennels are particularly prone to tail chasing, and they regularly experience deep boredom.

But how do you know if your dog is actually having fun or just trying to pass the time? If this attitude remains occasional, you probably don’t need to worry. On the other hand, if your pet’s behavior becomes so compulsive that it interferes with daily life, it definitely needs an outlet to expend its energy.

Tail chasing can also be caused by age-related cognitive decline or brain abnormalities such as tumors. Although these problems are quite rare in dogs, they cannot be overlooked. Warning signs can help you detect them: in the case of a sudden change in behavior, a constant tilting of the head, epileptic seizures or lack of coordination, you should contact a professional.

signs of suffering

When we feel pain, we can get up and go and take medicine. Dogs can’t do that. Their only way to soothe the affected area is to bite it. Wanting to grab the tail can therefore reveal pain in the rear end. An injury, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis or anal gland disorders can be the cause, among other things. So if your dog seems to be suffering from one of these pathologies, it is inevitable to go to the vet.

Likewise if your pet suddenly takes too much interest in its tail or posterior. This behavior may be due to the presence of fleas, which require appropriate treatment. “Intestinal parasites can also cause anal itching, which can lead to your dog biting that area or dragging his bottom on the floor”says Alison Creighton, Veterinary Services Technician.

Immediately, the situation is much less fun.




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