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Why Predictis is the leading insurance broker

Presentation of Predictis

Predictis is the leading life insurance broker for both professionals and private individuals. Its specialization is based on the distribution of wealth solutions, whether real estate, pension, savings or endowment insurance.

The story of Predictis began in 1997. Very quickly the company had a dazzling success and now counts more than 100,000 customers. The company’s head office is established in Boulogne, but other antennas have developed in the territory such as in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Strasbourg, Nantes, Marseille and Aix en Provence. The strength of Predictis is based on its collaboration with a network of independent agents. In other words, independent partners who benefit from legislative and ongoing training, allowing them to always be aware of tax developments.

The agents thus have perfect knowledge of the product to offer the best life insurance or the best retirement savings plans to their clients, thanks to their partnership with Groupama Gan Vie, Abeille Assurances and SwissLife. The 300 independent advisers in the agent network have enabled Predictis to be the leading broker in France in matters of savings and pensions.

Know the different products implemented by Predictis

Since Predictis is a broker, it has a number of products for private and professional users:

  • Starting with life insurance through three separate policies, Objectif Patrimoine, Objectif Epargne and Premium Epargne Active.
  • But also PERs. Once again, the pension scheme is divided into three different formulas: Galya Retraite Individuelle, Perfutura Premium and Premium Retraite Active.
  • You will also find pension products aimed at the self-employed and employees. For example through Aviva Senséo Prévoyance Médical or Relief Pro Premium contracts.
  • In the field of health, by making a request to obtain supplementary health insurance.
  • Finally real estate in a global way when you need a tax exemption solution or as part of an investment.

What are the strengths of Predictis?

The plurality of services and their quality have allowed Predictis to achieve an excellent reputation in the field. The majority of customers are particularly satisfied with the support of pleasant and qualified advisors, as evidenced by Predictis’ testimonials. The punctuality of appointments is another strength of the company, just as the customization of offers allows each person to meet a product that corresponds exactly to his needs.

As for the offers themselves, they are particularly competitive and beneficial with very reasonable payment fees. If you are looking for quality advice, you will also find an attentive ear directly at the Predictis company. As for its network of agents, it remains qualitative thanks to regulatory and ongoing training for each independent partner.

It is undoubtedly possible if you are looking for savings life insurance

By trusting Predictis, you get all the important advice to increase your savings. But above all, you will discover modular products according to your needs. But as with any contract, if you have the slightest hesitation, take the time to compare. In fact, playing the competition will be especially beneficial for you.