With the funding crisis, platforms for start-up loans are exploding

Written November 17, 2022, at 07.30Updated November 17, 2022 at 07.33.

All financing solutions are good to take in these times of crisis. While more and more start-ups are considering being taken over by a competitor, a fund or a large company, others go through the “loan box”. Some scale-ups looking to raise tens of millions of euros turn to banks or debt players. Young shoots, they can’t knock on the door of banks who have turned off the tap to these players who are not profitable and have few assets on their balance sheet.

They will therefore see “revenue-based-financing” (RBF) platforms, which provide loans from a few tens of thousands to several million euros. These fintechs allow you to borrow an amount based on your current or future income and not on the balance sheet. To do this, they connect to various tools (marketing, cash, payment, etc.) and build a score that assesses the borrower’s risk.

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