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Wizyoo Courtage becomes DÉFI Assurance » PACA’s financial and political newsletter

Insurtech Wizyoo Courtage becomes DÉFI Assurance and announces new ambitions.

DÉFI Assurance offers an insurance offer for SMEs/ETIs and tailored support to compare extra-financial criteria in the insurance sector. DÉFI Assurance wants to offer more trust, transparency and simplicity in the implementation of insurance within SMEs and ETIs. To do this, DÉFI Assurance offers business managers:

– An insurance product that respects the company’s values ​​and obligations in relation to CSR

– An appointed management team to support the manager on a day-to-day basis

– Health cover with a focus on risk prevention for employees

– A transparent offer at the best price

Through a digital platform, DÉFI Assurance members will be able to audit their policies, choose insurance products adapted to their needs and committed to CSR, as well as monitor the implementation of their contract. “We are convinced that this strategy is essential in organizations today. Taking care of your employees means ensuring that they will take care of their business” analyzes Kader Ahdidan, the head of DÉFI Assurances, which is very attached to the values ​​of commitment, transparency and trust.

DEFI Assurance is a member of the Businesses with a Mission Community

This name change also marks its commitment as a company with a mission and the definition of its raison d’être. Only 628 companies in France are engaged in this way. “We are convinced that companies have a significant role to play in meeting the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century. It is therefore very natural that DÉFI Assurance joined the community of mission-driven companies”, explains the head of Lyon Insurtech. It is a way to show DÉFI Assurance’s commitment and promote its impact approach in the insurance market. DÉFI aims to democratize CSR insurance. A selection of insurance products based on extra-economic criteria, while maintaining good insurance coverage and appropriate pricing. The ambition is to build the first affinity algorithm to compare insurance products on CSR criteria.

DÉFI Assurance signs a partnership with the largest national association group for SSE companies

In addition to the partnerships already established with Generali, Malakoff Humanis, Allianz France, MAIF, AÉSIO mutual and AG2R, DEFI Assurance announces the signing of a partnership with Apogées, the national network of mutual societies serving the SSE. “The 8,500 Apogées members will thus be able to benefit from DÉFI’s support services; which represents a great accelerator for us and a powerful lever to implement our transparent and benevolent vision of insurance” welcomes Kader Ahdidan.

About DEFI Insurance

DÉFI Assurance is an Insurtech founded in 2021 by Kader Adhidan. He has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges in the insurance ecosystem, especially thanks to the years he spent at Malakoff Humanis. DÉFI Assurance is a company with a mission committed to offering more trust, transparency and simplicity in the implementation of insurance within SMEs and ETIs. DÉFI Assurance offers managers the opportunity to offer their employees sustainable and responsible social protection. In January 2023, DÉFI Assurance joined the Start To Scale acceleration program led by Le HUB612. The DEFI Assurance team consists of 6 people hosted at HUB612 Lyon.

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