Woman discovers from a note what her cat spends her days doing, a woman is overwhelmed with emotion

Unless you outfit it with a mini camera or a GPS collar, you’ll never really know what your cat is up to if he’s the type to spend his days outside. Ann MannWho lives Halifax in Nova Scotia (eastern Canada), is now aware of his feline friend’s outdoor activities, and these are of great nobility. She became aware of it thanks to a message slipped into her necklace, reported CBC.

Not far from his home isHospice Halifax, a palliative care structure. In other words, it welcomes people at the end of their lives. Oscarthe gray cat ofAnn Mannused to appear there, something she didn’t know until then.

Hospice Halifax

He divides his visits between the group of patients who indulge in gardening and those who are in their rooms and receive caresses and treats from them. His arrivals are always eagerly awaited and appreciated.

“A big boost” for patients

One of the residents to whom Oscar was very attached was called Tom Gerrior. Suffering from a terminal illness, he lived out his last daysHospice Halifax. Days when the cat lit up, as his sister testifies Evelyn Oakley : ” The cat came to the patio door to look into Tom’s room in the last week of his life. It brought him a lot and gave him a big boost “.

Died last June, Tom Gerrior always had dog treats on hand to give to the therapy dogs when they came to visit. When he met Oscarhe asked his sister to buy him some cat treats to give her.

Illustration of the article: When she discovers from a note what her cat spends her days doing, a woman is overwhelmed with emotion
Jeremy Lundholm

One day an employee of the establishment, wanting to know where this wonderful cat came from, placed a note in his collar addressed to his family. The message explained that the animal was visiting the structure, that it was good for the patients, and that she now knew where to find it if she needed to look for it.

Ann Mann was very moved while reading the text. She immediately went to Hospice Halifax with flowers and gifts. There she was warmly welcomed and she could see how much Oscar is loved there.

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A cat adopted from a shelter

This cat is his daughter Kirsten, who had adopted him at the shelter SPCA from Nova Scotia when he was still a kitten. As he grew up, he ventured outside more and more, to the point where he spent most of his days wandering around the neighborhood. Which had brought him close to the worst, 3 years earlier, after being hit by a car.

The accident had a strong impact Oscar. ” He has become a little more charismatic and a little cutersays his mistress. He always looks both ways before crossing the street “.

Now, Ann Mann and Kirsten are less worried when their cat leaves the house. They know where he is going and are proud of what he is doing.


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