Woman New to Dogs Rescues Lost Puppy (Video)

Kim Delledonne lives with cats. She has never had a dog under her roof, but the experience she had in November with a lonely puppy will teach her a lot!

November 17 was supposed to be a day like any other Kim. This woman was supposed to quietly buy a coffee, but on her way home, she had a shocking encounter, as reported The Dodo.

Kim noticed a puppy wandering alone on the sidewalk in front of his. Confused and worried, she then walked towards him and he immediately jumped on her. Kim don’t know much about dogs but she was sure this one was lost.

She decided to help him

After a few minutes, no one had come forward to claim the puppy, but that was unthinkable Kim to leave it in nature. Then she took it home and used her own headphones to keep the animal on a leash! ” When people saw us, they smiled she remembers.


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When you come home, Kim had to face a new challenge: she had never taken care of dogs before. She only lives with cats, so she asked some of her friends for advice.

Despite his recent misfortune, the dog was full of spirit: ” We played a lot of ball, he was very playful! He was bursting with energy! It was a whirlwind: there were toys and dusty paw prints everywhere, but I didn’t mind “.

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Waiting, Kim had posted pictures of the animal on social media, where they were looking for its owner. She had a lot of fun in his company, but she also hoped to bring him back to where he needed to be.

Then the magic of the internet worked

Two hours later, she received a message from a woman who claimed it was her dog. ” She told me his name was Benji and by calling him that, he responded. That’s how I knew she was his mistress. She had been looking for him all over the neighborhood, she was so upset. It was windy that day and she thinks he escaped when he saw the gate open. “tell Kim.

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Glad I could help this lost puppy!. #lostdog #founddog #dognovice

? original sound – kmmykat1

The Good Samaritan then brought back benji home and everyone was happy with the outcome of this story. Kim only spent a few hours with this doggy, but what is certain is that he taught her a lot of things!


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